Folk Society

Edinburgh University Folk and Trad Society - the society where you can play, sing, listen to and just generally appreciate folk and traditional music from Scotland and all around the world!


  • Folk Society Student Membership£3.00
  • Folk Society Non-Student Membership£3.00

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Welcome to FolkSoc. Get involved with some of the great things we have going on during the week:



Ceilidh Band Practice – Monday 8-10pm 

FolkSoc has its own ceilidh band, and you can join, and get PAID GIGS like a boss!!  On one condition.  You come to ceilidh band practise, to learn our sets.  You could also learn to call the dances, which will get you more gigs.  Giggity.

Location:  Munro Room, Pleasance



Tune Teaching – 8-9pm

Every week before our session we have tune teaching where one of our members will teach a tune by ear to the group. So if you feel you need a new tune in your life or don't know any yet, come along and learn some of our favourites :) 

Location:  Munro Room, Pleasance


Session - 9-11pm

Once 9pm hits we start our main session where we all play tunes, sing songs and generally have good craic. You could lead a set, join in or just listen if you fancy. 

Location:  Munro Room, Pleasance



Song Group – 9-11pm

Would you like to learn some “songs” and “sing” them in a “group”?  Then by all means, come along to “Song Group”!

Location:  Munro Room, Pleasance


Band Enquiries

Please email all enquiries relating to our ceilidh band to Thank you


Please visit our website for more information or find us on facebook -

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Ceilidh Band Allocations Manager
Euan Fraser
Ceilidh Band Bookings Manager
Jonathan Foster
Katie Gibson
Ceilidh Band Practice Manager
Jonathan Foster
Folk Soc Ambassador
Ralph Shilcock
Duncan Cooper
Angus Montgomery
Sam Beckwith-Wyman
Social Secretary
Robin Gage
Grace Stewart-Skinner
Song Group Convener
Elliot Parrott
David Lennon
Vice President
Jack Keenaghan
Kiera Johnston