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Welcome to FolkSoc. Get involved with some of the great things we have going on during the week:



Ceilidh Band Practice – Monday 8-10pm 

FolkSoc has its own ceilidh band, and you can join, and get PAID GIGS like a boss!!  On one condition.  You come to ceilidh band practise, to learn our sets.  You could also learn to call the dances, which will get you more gigs.  Giggity.

Location:  Munro Room, Pleasance



Tune Teaching – 8-9pm

Every week before our session we have tune teaching where one of our members will teach a tune by ear to the group. So if you feel you need a new tune in your life or don't know any yet, come along and learn some of our favourites :) 

Location:  Munro Room, Pleasance


Session - 9-11pm

Once 9pm hits we start our main session where we all play tunes, sing songs and generally have good craic. You could lead a set, join in or just listen if you fancy. 

Location:  Munro Room, Pleasance



Song Group – 8:30-10:30pm

Would you like to learn some “songs” and “sing” them in a “group”?  Then by all means, come along to “Song Group”!

Location:  Pleasance Music Room


Band Enquiries

Please email all enquiries relating to our ceilidh band to Thank you


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Ralph Shilcock
Anita Klementiev
Duncan Cooper
Vice President
Joan Casamitjana
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