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Join us and be part of a network of empowered students who wish to grow professionally, discover their unique career path, and learn from inspiring female leaders.


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Who are we? 

EUWIB is a student-led initiative founded in October 2016 and dedicated to creating a more equal world in which gender equality is achieved in the workplace. The March 2017 EUWIB Aspire Conference was our first venture, and from there the society was formed in order to offer more opportunities and events throughout the academic year.   Now, we are a bunch of enthusiastic individuals from a range of degree disciplines with a passion for helping our fellow students pursue business skills and leadership opportunities.

What do we do? 

We aim to create meaningful connections between both peers and career professionals in an open and relaxed atmosphere. To allow for the creation of a community, EUWIB will be hosting various events throughout the year ranging from engaging talks with inspiring female leaders to cupcake or pizza making networking events.

Our mission? 


EUWIB aims to provide a range of opportunities for its members to network with each other, with external speakers and company representatives. Successful networking is a vital skill for life after graduation and career development. EUWIB helps their members to acquire the skills to build a strong network by connecting people with similar interests and ambitions.


EUWIB aims to inspire all students by inviting along female business leaders from a variety of backgrounds, including public sector, journalism, charities, law, financial services, communications and plenty of others! Through these inspiring connections, we look to encourage students to reflect on their own aspirations, qualities and interests with the aim to discover the career path that suits them best.


EUWIB is dedicated to the creation of a community wherein students can speak comfortably with one another about their career aspirations and concerns. Our long-term goal is to create an alumni mentorship scheme, where former members could stay in contact with the society through events, and an online presence.

Whatever you study whether it is Art, Geography, Engineering, Chemistry or Finance – EUWIB is here to introduce you to a wide range of careers in positions and/or businesses that are traditionally male-dominated. We believe it is important for students to be exposed to all industries – Finance, Law, Third Sector, Media or Entrepreneurship/Start-ups.


Pictures from some of our events: 

Yoga with Lululemon and Hot Yoga Edinburgh

Networking evening with Marsh and McLennan

Panel talk from Kim Stolz at Bank of America Merrill Lynch

Cocktail Making class and Network evening with Accenture

Inspirational talk from Michelle Thomson, former MP and leader of Momentous Change

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