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We’re Edinburgh Uni’s Wargame Society. We play wargames. 

Our main focus is on Warhammer, 40k and X-Wing but we do play lots of other games too. Necromunda, Mordheim and Blood Bowl are all popular and Battlefleet, Epic and Warmachine/Hordes are also occasional visitors to our tables. So we pretty much play anything – we own rules for a lot of systems and if we don’t have them but you do you’ll usually find someone willing to give anything a go.


Don't worry if you don't have any models - we can supply some so you can get started.

All of our meetings take place in various rooms of the Pleasance Complex.

Our meeting times and places are below , for the Academic Year 2018-19:
We start with two irregular sessions, one on Thursday 20th 17:30- 23:00, in the Braid Room , and Saturday 22nd 11:30- 18:00 in the Craft Rooms.
After that we revert to a regular pattern meeting on Mondays 17:30- 23:00 and Saturdays 11:30- 18:00, both in the Braid Room, starting from the 24th September.
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Feel free to drop us a line, or just pop in to one of our meetings!