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Think tango, think fake tans, hair gel, roses between teeth, right? Wrong! Tango has always been a social dance and is a fantastic way to meet people with a similar passion for music and movement.


  • Tango Society Full Year Student Membership£7.00
  • Tango Society Full Year Non-Student Membership£12.00
  • Tango Society Semester One Student Membership£4.00
  • Tango Society Semester One Non Student Members£7.00
  • Constitution

    17 Mar 2016

    EUTS Constitution is a brief document outlining the aims of the Society and giving information about its asset and its management.

  • Risk Assessment

    23 May 2018

    EUTS Risk Assessment 2018-2019

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Forget the Strictly Come Dancing ballroom tango of stiff postures and roses between teeth! This is Argentine tango - where every dance is different; where you form the most incredible of connections; where you never stop learning and where a whole world-wide community awaits you. And at your fingertips, at minimal cost, EUTS can take you there with some of the best teachers around, a laid back atmosphere and a host of social events nearly every day of the week. 

In the words of Margaret Putnam: "Tango is the Everest of social dance. Impossible. Demanding. Intricate. And therefore irresistible."

King's Buildings Executive
Ivan Lim
Marija Jegorova
Public Relations
Filip Margetiny
Imogen Morris
Paul Dobson