Trading and Investment Club (EUTIC)

EUTIC is Europe’s largest student-run investment fund, worth £52,000. We educate students on finance, giving opportunities to trade stocks and network with some of the world's most prestigious firms.


  • Trading and Investment Club (EUTIC)Academic Year Student Membership£5.00
  • Trading and Investment Club (EUTIC) Academic Year Non-Student Membership£10.00
  • EUTIC Constitution

    27 Apr 2015

    Edinburgh University Trading and Investment Club Constitution 2015-2016.

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Welcome to the Edinburgh University Trading and Investment Club (EUTIC). Celebrating 20 years of experience, EUTIC is now the largest and most successful student-run real money investment portfolio in the UK and Europe, worth over £52,000. We also have over 500 members, making us one of the largest non-sporting societies in Edinburgh.

Our Monday main meeting – the clubs main attraction, gives members a chance to learn more about finance in the form of talks given by outside speakers, often from major sponsors from the City and in finance. Club members are also invited to give talks on finance-related topics. This is a great chance for you to improve on your research skills,a dn EUTIC members are one of the best audiences in the university.
Within sector meetings you will gain more knowledge about the specific industry sector you choose to enter. This will give you more confidence in analysing and picking stocks and, ultimately, allow you to influence the performance of the EUTIC fund. This is a club where you will gain hands on experience and learn more about the career paths within finance, consulting, and investment. Our members are the greatest asset we have and our alumni are testament to the value that EUTIC has managed to impose on their current careers.

This year, the club will host the third ‘Excellence in Finance’ conference, and host landmark events such as our 'Women’s Networking’ events. Our main goal is to educate students about the world of finance, giving experience in trading stocks, and providing opportunities with some of the world’s most prestigious firms. We are sponsored by a vast array of investment banks, consultancies and asset managers, and we encourage students to maximise exposure to these firms. Should any student wish to pursue a career in finance, or indeed in any professional area, EUTIC provides the perfect platform to learn new skills and boost a CV. With a prestigious network of alumni and an excellent social calendar, the club is one of the most exciting societies for students of all disciplines to join.

The club obviously would never be where it is without our previous committee members – we would like to thank them for their hard work. And with that, we would also like to welcome you to our club. We hope that you will have an incredible time with us. We cannot wait to meet you.

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Otto Leppanen
Fund Manager
Mark Cus Babic
Head of Company Relations
Bob Ergashev
Benedict Willacy
Santi Guillen Garcia
Kasim Iqbal
Vice President
Ole Scheuermann