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The Salsa Society is a multicultural dance society that brings Latin warmth and energy to Edinburgh. Join our mailing list, Facebook group, and Instagram to keep up to date with classes and events!


  • Salsa Society Semester Two Student Membership£15.00
  • Salsa Society Semester Two Non Student Membership£20.00
  • Salsa Society Free Mailing List£0.00


  • Salsa Society Ladies Styling Choreography Team Instalment 2£25.00
  • Salsa Society Salsa/Bachata Advanced Choreography Team Instalment 2£25.00
  • Salsa Society Mini Choreo Block 2 (Marco and Ami)£5.00
  • Salsa Society Mini Choreo Block 3 (Diana and Chrysoula)£5.00
  • Salsa Society Mini Choreo Block 4 (Sagi and Irina)£5.00
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    05 Apr 2017

    EUSS Constitution regarding society's activities, aims, positions and responsibilities.

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Welcome to the amazing world of Latin dancing!

The Salsa Society is a multicultural dance society that brings Latin warmth and energy to Edinburgh.

Join Edinburgh University Salsa Society (EUSS) and learn Salsa, the most energetic and fun dance! You can dance salsa alone, in a couple, or even in a group. It is a very sociable dance as it is very common to switch partners for every song, and dance with new people.


Along with salsa, our society also offers Bachata classes, which is another type of Latin dance that originated from the Dominican Republic in the Caribbean. Similar to salsa, bachata dance moves strongly depend on the music (such as the rhythms played by the different instruments), setting, mood, and interpretation. Unlike salsa, bachata dance does not usually include many turn patterns.


Salsa and Bachata are very popular worldwide, making it really easy to find a salsa-club wherever you go! But salsa and bachata aren't only great because of their social advantages: they are also easy to pick-up and they introduce the dancer to the incredible world of musicality and connection with oneself, your partner, and the music. They are structured types of dance and have an easy learning-curve - it's easy for beginners and there's always more to learn!

















Our Weekly Classes

Due to the social distancing measures, all our classes in Semester 2 will be held online via Zoom. This semester we are excited to introduce a new fun and creative learning format! Every 3 weeks you will be learning a new mini choreo for salsa and bachata from a different teacher. The classes will be progressive and continuous with weekly recaps to make sure you are up to speed with the moves in case you miss a class. A new style, a new song and a new whole experience every three weeks! 


You may attend as many classes as you wish without any extra cost, as long as you have purchased your 'Semester 2 Membership' (£15 for students/ £20 for non-students) from our website or you can get your pass for a specific block at only £5 each (you can find the block pass options by clicking 'Our Products' to the menu above). The Zoom codes will be shared only with valid membership, so make sure to buy yours soon!


Still not sure? The first two weeks of term are absolutely FREE, so come give it a try!


This semester, there will be 4 blocks of 3-week teaching and all classes will be open level so everyone can join! 

  • Wednesday: 7-8 pm: Salsa Open Level Choreo
  • Wednesday: 8-9 pm: Bachata Open Level Choreo

Our Choreography Teams

LadyStyle performance 2020Salsa Sperformance 2020Bachata Performance 2020

Would you like to take up dancing a bit more seriously?


Each year, one of the core and most successful activities that the Edinburgh University Salsa Society offers to its members is the performance teams! Our teams usually have multiple opportunities to perform representing our society in Edinburgh and beyond (including the Fiesta Latina, various Salsa and Bachata Congresses, and the Annual Edinburgh University Dance Performance). The teams learn and perfect amazing choreographies taught by professional teachers in weekly practices. The performance teams offer a great way to improve your dance technique, creativity, sense of belonging, and in multiple cases they have enabled members to form long-term friendships and be part of a wider support system, all of the above while having fun! 


This year, all of our activities had to adjust to the new normal, however, now more than ever we wanted to still be able to offer this experience to our members. Therefore, we slightly adjusted the aim of our teams from ‘performing’ to ‘perfecting’ a choreography and we are excited to introduce to you our "Lady Styling Choreography Team" and our "Intermediate Salsa Choreography Team" 2020-2021.


As the current situation regarding performance opportunities is rather uncertain, we have also decided to offer an alternative motivation to our choreography members. At the end of the season, we plan to organise a professional photo shooting and a video recording of the choreographies which will allow us to celebrate our teams’ progress and efforts and will give our choreography team members a memorabilia to proudly share with their loved ones and the wider community.


Don't be shy - Join us!

Click below to see some of our past performances:


Our Dance Challenges

Dancing is not just about learning moves, it's about connecting - and even during the lockdown, we found a way to stay connected through dancing!

If dance is a language and in each class you learn new words, then challenges are your opportunity to write your own essay and show the world how you can connect with the music - not in real-time like a fiesta and not in a semester-long commitment like a performance but just in the right size; And this is before talking about the prizes we have for creativity, musicality and energy!

Check out our full Salsa and Bachata Challenges videos (2020)!

Our Fiesta Latinas

Each month the Salsa Society organises a big social-dancing event, called "Fiesta Latina". Our Fiesta Latinas bring the salseros and bachateros from all over Scotland to dance in big venues until the small hours. It is a great opportunity to practice your newly acquired moves, dance with new people, listen to great Latin music from our DJs and socialise with fellow Latin dance lovers!

Unfortunately, until any further notice, we will not be able to organise any Fiesta Latina events for this semester.

Our Teachers Team

A UKA qualified instructor, Brian has been supporting and teaching at the salsa society since its inception almost 12 years ago. He was introduced to dancing at the age of 10, when he was trained in Scottish country dancing. Having also tried ballroom dancing, he discovered salsa dancing over 20 years ago. Although he initially learnt in Edinburgh, he has travelled widely to seek out classes with some of the best international instructors, as well as broadening his knowledge and skills with other dances. He was first asked to teach in 2004 and has been doing so ever since. He has also been the regular DJ for Fiesta Latina since its rebirth with the salsa society.

As well as salsa, Brian also teaches Argentine tango for the student society and runs an agency for international dance teachers and musicians. He organises events in salsa and tango, and is the founder of the Edinburgh International Tango Festival, which has completed its 11th edition and recognised as the best UK tango festival. For four years he co-organised Cafe Baile, a dance showcase in the Edinburgh Fringe. He has other work too, but that's not as interesting :)

"My name is Irina. I have been dancing for over 15 years now and absolutely love it!!! I am a member of the Edinburgh University Salsa Society family since 2010. In 2011/2012 I was vice -president and executive president of the society. I started teaching salsa and bachata beginners and improvers in 2011 and established ladies styling classes at the Society, the same year.

I also had the honour of being asked to choreograph for the EUSS Ladies styling performance teams in 2017-2019. I love dancing, teaching, and performing. I took part in several performances since I started dancing. Fun fact about me: I don't really know where right and left are. No kidding!!!"

Ami is the man responsible for taking Sensual Bachata to the North of England and into Scotland, where its popularity has rocketed. The Bachata Edinburgh community he started in 2013 is now recognised as one of the strongest Latin dance communities in the UK, and Ami is a regular Artist/teacher on the international Latin dance congress circuit.

With a strong background in street dance and martial arts. Ami took to salsa in 2004 and five years later he started his own salsa & Latin dance school in Harrogate, before joining the Encuentro Latino Dance Company in York UK in 2011. In 2012, Ami converted to Bachata after training with some of the dance form’s most celebrated names including Daniel & Desiree, Korke & Judith, Cheves & Silvia, Ataca & La Alemana.

In the last 8 years, Ami has been a noted performer & guest teacher at a number of high profile UK & international events. Ami is He has also judged many Bachata Competition nationally & internationally.

Sagi has choreographed our Salsa and Bachata teams for the past 5 years.

He is also the founder and the organiser of the Scottish Salsa Congress and the Scottish Sensual Fest. The Scottish Salsa Congress is twice winner of the best dance event in the UK.

Marina has a background in rhythmic gymnastics, ballet, and contemporary dance and she now specializes in a wide variety of styles of salsa and bachata.

She led last year’s ladies styling team “Las Maniseras”, a team composed of 19 girls of different ages and backgrounds dancing a salsa and bachata choreography.

Marco Antonio Gutierrez is a versatile dancer trained in Salsa, Bachata, Contemporary, Ballet and Jazz.

Marco has received training at Performing Arts Studio Scotland (PASS) for 4 years with the subsequent achievement of a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Dance. His Latin dance experience includes cha-cha, merengue, mambo, rumba, afro-cuban dancing, and much more.

Our Committee Team

Gini, President

“I love the Salsa Society. I enjoy being part of the committee team, organising events and activities for the members and being surrounded by passionate dancers. I was part of the Salsa society committee as admin secretary for the past year 2019-2020. I started dancing Rueda 4 years ago and then I discovered Bachata and Crossbody Salsa. Each of these dances gives a different feeling, a different emotion and I would like to see as many people as possible expressing themselves through the art of dance.”

Gabi, Admin Secretary

“I want us to reach out to more and more people: I feel like there could be an outreach to different groups of people through dancing. Fundraisers, flash-mobs, volunteering in general, etc. Dance to make the world a happier place. ^^ I gained my experience being Class Representative for Informatics students in both First and Second Year. I have danced since I was a kid for more than 12 years and discovered Salsa and Bachata in September this year and absolutely fell in love with these dances.”

Aigli, Social Secretary

"I have been dancing, performing and in some cases choreographing for more than 2 decades. Dancing makes me smile and that's enough for me to keep doing it! This year was my 2nd on the EUSS committee & I was part of the Performance Coordinators team. Communication, transparency and clear delegation of responsibilities are important for every team and I hope we will be able to promote all these this year."

Virginia, Social Secretary

“I’ve dancing salsa and bachata for 4 years now, I’ve joined the committee 3 years ago and I’m hoping to help the society provide what society members want”

Anna, Head Treasurer

“I started dancing 2 years ago and I've gained so much out of it. I would like to contribute to the society this year as a way of sharing my love and passion for dancing.”

Caitriona, Welfare Officer

“I’ve been dancing for 3 years now. I serve as the society’s Welfare officer for 1 year and a half, and served as the president for just under a year. I would like to promote a new safe spaces policy so everyone would feel welcome in the society”

Oded, Technical Officer

"I’ve been dancing salsa/bachata for nearly 10 years now; I joined EUSS and the committee and the performance teams about 4 years ago. I would like to see more salsa styles (on2 & cuban) in the society, more non-gender-based roles and strengthen our sense of community."

Paula, Performance Coordinator

“I only started dancing in October and joined the salsa and bachata performance teams this year, but I’ve basically been dancing nearly every day (it’s kind of taken over my life and I love it). I would like to organise the performance teams, keeping them just as fun and accessible to everyone, but also making sure that they progress at the same time. I want to make sure people experience just how amazing the dance world and community is by helping them feel welcomed and comfortable.”

Nikos, Performance Coordinator

“Dancing is the ultimate way of expressing your energy and boosting your mood. I have been dancing and performing since I was a child. Since the last year I am involved in Latin dances, learning the importance of connecting with your partners.”

Chrysoula, Treasurer

"I have been dancing bachata socially for 4 years now and I am addicted to it. I have being training in various festivals and events both in the UK and the rest of Europe. I have also completed the advanced level of World mastery program and the last 2 years I have been involved more actively in the local Latin scene by performing and teaching to share my passion with the others."

Napthali, Treasurer

“I’ve been dancing for 3 years now. I performed with the EUSS performance team both salsa and bachata projects.”

Sebastian, Treasurer

“Dancing since I was born, I started going to salsa classes in 2010 and learned bachata mostly on socials. I gained experienced by working as a Logistics coordinator of a congress. I would like to have progressive courses in the society, where each class builds on the previous’ class content.”

Juan, Treasurer

“I was a treasurer in the previous EUSS committee. In the past, I was a board member of ESN Almeria for four years. I've danced bachata, and a little bit of salsa and kizomba, for four years. I've also attended several dance congresses around Europe and participated in the EUSS performance team.”

Jaden, Treasurer

“This is my second year in EUSS. I chaired the Inter-Club Council at Culver City High School 2017-2018. President of Nature Conservation club 2016-2018. I’m just looking to help out at classes!”

Calvin, Treasurer

“I have been dancing for 2yrs and enjoyed being the head treasurer last year”

Ihsan, Treasurer

“I started dancing January 2019 and I’ve been regularly attending classes since”

David, Treasurer

“I started dancing when I was quite young and would like to continue dancing more at university. I join the committee to gain experience and learn how it works”

Fotiana, Choreography Coordinator

“I’m dancing more than 10 years now and I have experience in organising and promoting events. I would like to see more types of classes (e.g. Kizomba, salsa on 2), once a month have “guest teachers” for dancing workshops.”

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