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Welcome to the homepage of the Edinburgh University Scottish Nationalist Association! Join us, and be a member of a society that is dedicated to ensuring a better future for Scotland.


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Edinburgh University Scottish Nationalist Association (EUSNA)


Scotland is reaching a turning point in its history. Here at EUSNA, we are a group of students who are committed to help bring about an independent Scotland within the European Union.


Whether you are deeply engaged in the debate, or are seeking to learn more before you vote, you are more than welcome to get involved and learn about our mission to create a fairer Scotland.


As a society, we strike a balance between serious campaigning and socialising, and strive to offer something for everyone.

If you want to get in touch then please find us at, tweet to us at @EUSNA or email


Details about meetings can be found on our facebook page.


We look forward to meeting you!


Committee for 2018-2019


Thomas Anderson



Connor Cloughley



Daniel Penman



Rufus Pickles



Andrew Amos


Melvin Oosterhuis
Thomas Anderson
Bruce Morrison
Adam Anderson
Vice President
Cameron Webster