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    10 Jul 2019

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Economics for Change is a student-led society at the University of Edinburgh. We aim to change the way economics is engaged with, to make it more relevant to a rapidly changing world. We will provide students with a platform to cast their opinion on how and why economics needs to change, both in the university and in the wider world. We argue that economics should be a subject that equips students with the intellectual tools to help solve some of society's most pressing problems. Right now, it is not. Join us in reshaping economics to release its true potential, in an ever changing world.


We aim to contribute our bit, towards the push for economics to better serve our world by:


ENGAGING students among the university in the current economic framework and policy issues.


BRINGING TOGETHER those interested in the subject, to exchange knowledge and spread exciting initiatives and research around non-neoclassical economics.


CULTIVATING a mindset that uses economic lenses to solve society's problems. Realigning the problem-solving nature of economics, back to solving pressing societal problems.


REFORMING campaigning for curriculum reform. The undergraduate economic curriculum can be improved, read more about this here.


RESHAPE. In the last decade, developed world economies have looked profoundly dysfunctional. Yet mainstream economics has failed to give adequate resources to understanding the multiple crises of our contemporary economies. Let’s push for the reformation of modern capitalism.


Economics for Change has grown out of the Edinburgh Society of Economic Pluralism. It is much of the same idea but we trying to take it to the next step. Economic Pluralism is an essential part of the conversation but it is not all of it, hence our 2018 relaunch!

We are a part of the worldwide pluralist movement, officially affiliated with Rethinking Economics and the International Student Initiative for Pluralism in Economics (ISIPE).

Through hosting guest lectures, reading groups, and socials we aim to educate ourselves and others in non-mainstream economic ideas and enjoy ourselves in the process. 

Economics is for everyone. Membership is free.