Modern Dance Society

Complete beginner or advanced dancer - WE WANT YOU! Choose from 5 professionally taught dance styles, incredible competitions, spectacular shows and socials galore - strut over and join EUMDS!


  • Modern Dance Society Full Year Student Membership£35.00
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  • Modern Dance Society Full Year Non Student Membership£35.00

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“Nobody cares if you can't dance well. Just get up and dance. Great dancers are great because of their passion.” – Martha Graham


Everyone in EUMDS has one thing in common, passion. A passion for dancing, passion for the society and passion for fun!

Our dedicated team of professional teachers bring us 11 brilliant classes in 5 dance styles.


We offer:

  • Ballet
  • Contemporary
  • Hip-Hop
  • Jazz
  • Tap


Our classes cater for all abilities, with each style avaliable in Beginner and Intermediate/Advanced levels so there is a class for everyone! Take advantage of the diversity and try a new style you’ve never done before, in fact, try them all!


It is not only a diverse range of classes that makes EUMDS so successful, but the diverse range of opportunities: from class showcases, hosting our own inter-univeristy competition, competiting across the UK, regular socials, society fundraising, trips to Festival Theatre and our very own end of year show, we do it all.


So join up, share our dance passion and become a fabulous dancer, or failing that, have a fabulous time!!


Keep updated with all of EUMDS' antics via Facebook where you can find our timetable and all our latest events and snaps!

Ballet Rep
Ranuli Palipane
Lauren Taylor
Contemporary Rep
Erin Harper
Charlotte Koekkoek
External Competition Coordinator
Hannah Patience
Shannon Thompson
Fundraising Officer
Sarah Baillie
Heather Devoy
Hip Hop Rep
Veritas Chen
Zoe Pearson
Internal Competition Coordinator
Megan Crews
Erin Harper
Jazz Representative
Rebecca Keegan
Shannon Thompson
Performance Group Leader
Florence Hardy
Madeline Muntz
Caitlin Hayes
Caitlin Wright
Publicity Officer
Lauren Del Fabbro
Rachel Kelly
Kirsty Macleod
Zoe Pearson
Social Secretary
Ellie Galindo
Sioned Jones
Holly Oswald
Tap Rep
Andrew Raeburn
Katharine Welch
Caitlin Hayes
Holly Oswald
Sarah Baillie
Freya Oswald