International Development (EUID)

Edinburgh University International Development Society (EUID) is a student-led society that promotes discussion and debate centered on topics of international development.


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University of Edinburgh International Development

Who are we?

Edinburgh University International Development Society (EUID) is a student-led society that promotes discussion and debate centered on topics of international development. What are our values? Since our inception in 2007, EUID has set out to question the narrative of ‘international development’. This discourse is broad, varied, and conflicting; therefore, we welcome diversity of thought, and differing approaches to research when it comes to collective action.


Why join our community?

For the past nine years and in the past year EUID has served as a communication platform, hosting scholars, debates, and community events centered on a range of development topics. These topics have ranged from an in-depth investigation of the yearly global development goals to understanding how the refugee and migrant crisis will permanently change the political and social demographics of Europe. We live in unique and fraught times, which EUID seeks to dissect and understand in order to grow the broader Edinburgh student community and thereby foster an environment of acceptance and open dialogue regarding all issues of international development. Every day the social and political issues surrounding us deepen and multiply, and EUID aims to be a place where students can freely discuss these current events and contribute to a rich heritage of political action and thought.


What are our aims?

To encourage open and critical debate of global development issues, in order to enhance current understandings. To bridge the gap between academic studies and nonacademic forums through engagement in current development issues outside of the classroom. To collaborate with other Edinburgh University Societies (including Student Action for Refugees and Edinburgh Friends of Medicins Sans Frontiers) in order to expand our dialogue to include the wider University community. To provide opportunities for community action through volunteering with off-campus organizations based in Edinburgh and around the world.


What do we do?

We hold frequent events in the central area of Edinburgh University: -Hosting evening lectures and presentations? performed by guest speakers such as professors, politicians, and representatives from NGOs. -Screening documentaries? to explore international development in an informative, entertaining way. -Hosting informal debates to stimulate discussion and provide an open forum for students to express their own ideas and opinions. - Coordinating social events with other societies, such as last year’s “African Food Battle,” which brought food, comedy, and music from four African countries to Edinburgh’s famous Earthy café. Please Join Us! We welcome any event suggestions or collaboration ideas. If you are interested in one of the many fields of international development, this is the society to join.

We aim to keep meetings informal so as to encourage open participation because fresh and diverse thinking is paramount to ensuring the growth of the society and our community. Undergraduates, postgraduates and members of the wider University community are all welcome!