Hong Kong International Society (EUKHIS)

We aim to provide opportunities and integrate students interested in HK within Edinburgh through cultural exchanges in the form of initiatives and social events by collaboration with other societies.


  • Hong Kong International Society (EUKHIS) Academic Year Student Membership£8.00
  • Hong Kong International Society (EUKHIS) Academic Year Non-Student Membership£12.00
  • Hong Kong International Society (EUKHIS) Semester Two Student Membership£6.00
  • Hong Kong International Society (EUKHIS) Semester Two Non Student Members£6.00

    23 Apr 2012

    We hereby include the society aims, declaration of compulsory clauses and individual clauses. More details will be gradually updated.

  • society constitution

    22 Apr 2013

    It includes our society aims, declaration of compulsory clauses and individual clauses.

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Welcome to EUHKIS! Established in 2005, we're one of the largest international societies at the University of Edinburgh. Our mission is to create an inclusive and integrated community here at Edinburgh while promoting our culture from Hong Kong so feel free to join! You don’t need a specific ethnic background to join EUHKIS - we welcome people from all walks of life! Whether you are looking for inspiration on East Asia’s culture, are from Hong Kong / Asia, or have lived in Hong Kong / East Asia, EUHKIS provides a platform for your voice to be heard, your ideas to be shared and a warm environment for students to interact.


In the coming year, we'll be hosting a range of new activities for everyone. If you want to stay updated on what events we have coming up, be sure to give our Facebook page a like and subscribe to our newsletter! With your continuing support, we believe the EUHKIS has the potential to expand beyond its horizons and reach a new height this year. We hope you're just as excited as we are to step into this new academic year!

If you have any suggestions or queries, please do not hesitate to contact our committee members! We look forward to meeting you in the near future!

Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/edin.hkis

Facebook Members-only Group:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/EUHKIS/ 

Website: https://euhkis.wordpress.com/ 

EUHKIS Committee 2020/21

President: Marcus Kam

Vice President: Gordon Tan

Secretary: Thomas Yuen

Treasurer: Kandace Ying

Publicity Officer: Cindy Ai

Event Secretary: Christy Cheng



Events Secretary
Christy Cheng
Marcus Kam
Publicity Officer
Cindy Ai
Thomas Yuen
Kandace Ying
Vice President
Gordon Tan