Feminist Society

FemSoc are a group of people interested in discussing feminist issues and campaigning for the liberation of self-defining women and non-binary people.


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We are open to people of all and no genders and charge no membership fee. We aim to provide a safe and accessible space for like-minded people by following our safe space policy at all times - more information can be found in our constitution below.


Our activites include discussions, film screenings, fundraising for EWRASAC, campaigns, Speak (our FemSoc zine), semesterly Fabaret (cabaret) nights, crafts evenings, trips and so much more - please let us know what you would like to see, or get in touch if you would be interested in running an event with us.


Get involved by coming to our meetings, finding us on Facebook here, following us on Twitter at @EdUniFeminists, or by emailing edinburghfeminists@gmail.com for more info. To be added to the mailing list, please go to our groupspaces page and click 'join group': http://groupspaces.com/women-of-the-world/


Campaigns Officer
Paola Lindo Pacheco
Frances Roberts
Afrin Ahmed
Benedicty Mambi
Welfare Officer
Kel Norman