Debates Union

We are the second oldest society at the University of Edinburgh and for the last 129 years the Union has functioned as the student’s centre for social and political dialogue.


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The Edinburgh University Debates Union is one of the most successful debating societies in the UK, as well as one of the most fun student societies at Edinburgh. With a huge selection of events on regularly, we have something for everyone:

  1. Weekly workshops on Monday nights where we teach debate and public speaking for people of all ability
  2. The opportunity to attend debating competitions across Scotland, the UK and Europe
  3. Additional advanced training sessions and the opportunity to speak with and learn from some of the top debaters in the UK
  4. Regular public debates on topical issues with high-profile guest speakers
  5. An awards-winning schools outreach volunteering programme
  6. Notoriously fun socials including an annual Party Bus

We are committed to spreading free speech, confidence and engagement across campus, and everyone is welcome to get involved. Hope to see you soon!

Competitions Convenor
Natasha Kisseroudis
Competitive Training Coordinator
Jamie Beverstock
Sara Brdnik
Public Events Coordinator
Brynley Hamer
Schools Convenor
Adam Mallis
Molly Whitehouse
Socials Secretary
John Stokes-Waters
Sponsorship Officer
Abhinav Mohanty
Cerys Walsh
Women's Officer
Helen Wieland
Workshops Coordinator
Tia Speece