Capoeira Society

Capoeira is a Brazilian martial art that combines kicks and acrobatic movements to music and song to form a playful fight/game. Developed by slaves in Brazil, it is now a widespread art form all over the world. Learning Capoeira will bring you into full contact with an assortment of martial arts techniques, elements of dance, and most importantly music-making Capoeira a unique experience! You can practice Capoeira to keep fit, improve balance and flexibility, for self-defence, or simply to enjoy the Brazilian way of life. The society is set up to introduce students to this beautiful art form to practice weekly and to pass on information about classes in Capoeira which take place both within and outside the university.

Our society training sessions occur weekly on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday.

Times and locations vary throughout the term, so join our facebook group or subscribe to our mailing list by sending a message to

On Tuesdays and Thursdays, members of the Capoeira Society can also train with Group Senzala Edinburgh at the same price. Join their facebook group ( for more information!



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Sofia de La Fuente Garcia
Carolina Costamante
Audrey Yeo Jing Wei