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Welcome to the University of Edinburgh African - Caribbean Society 2018/2019! Join us as we celebrate and bring more attention to African and Caribbean culture!


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Welcome to the Edinburgh University African Caribbean Society!

What is ACS? 

We are frequently asked this question from many different people.


Simply put, we are the African Caribbean Society. 


However, our identity is a lot more than that label. We are a community of people who come together to celebrate a culture that we love and appreciate. Whether that is from hosting fun club outings, chilled nights in or more academically orientated events like discussion panels. There is always a little bit of everything so EVERYONE feels included.


Inclusivity is our main objective this year since we believe the key purpose of a community is to make people feel comfortable, connected and safe. It doesn’t matter what shade, colour, nationality, sexuality, gender or religion you are because we already accept YOU regardless


At university, you will meet people from all over the world, people who have lived differently to you or even the same. This is a key reflection of the real world and we want to help emulate that. In addition, we use this to help you meet new people and make a couple of friends along the way.

Being in Edinburgh, Scotland, in particular, brings a new set of challenges along the way. Not only do we face super cold weather and long travel times but there is also a lack of diversity. Many people shy away from this fact but it very much true. With the University of Edinburgh, in particular, being the worst Russell Group University for admitting black student at just 0.7% (2015/16) we feel it is even more important to use our community to help instigate change. Every member unknowingly contributes to the solution since we are increasing representation and acting as role models for prospective students.  As a result, it so important to have groups like this, to remind us all that diversity, representation, and cultural appreciation matters!


What do we aim to do?

This year ACS plans on using the foundations we were provided from our previous committees to elevate the status and outreach of this society. We are here to show you that we are more than just a group of young students but a community for ALL. Consequently, we look to branch out and work with other societies within our university as well as other ACS groups and companies to equip our members with something more. 


Ultimately, we aim to leave an imprint upon those we have touched and establish a space for individuals to grow into the talented and amazing people they are and will continue to be. 


Overall, ACS has touched the lives of many and we want to continue upholding that legacy. Whether that’s through friendship, fun or opportunity, we only aim to provide the best for our members!


‘Power, Prestige, Excellence’ 


Find the Risk Assessment for our events here. 


Events Team Leader
Bethany Baker
Haddy Jeng
Hannah McGurk
Akua Crankson
Vice President
Rose Kilonzo