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Pitch Perfect - but better


The Edinburgh University A Cappella Society (EUAC) was founded in 2014 and has been a huge success ever since! The aim of our society is to encourage members to get involved and get creative through a cappella singing.

Visit our website: https://www.eduniacappella.com



“Let’s talk-apella”

Our girls, boys, and mixed groups are led by our amazing and enthusiastic Musical Directors (MDs), and we're always looking for new talent. Every group in EUAC is unique, ranging from our classic barbershop quartet, stunning competition groups, and fantastic non-competition ensembles. Members have a range of abilities and experience, from little to no experience, and abilities such as jaw-dropping beatboxing, writing incredible arrangements, choreography, photography, videography, recording - or just singing beautifully!



Despite being a very young society, EUAC has flourished and made its mark on the university and nationwide a cappella scene. In 2015 we held our first official auditions, and only a few months later, EUAC won the Best New Society award at the EUSA Activities Awards. This year, we worked with the international A Cappella championships, the ICCAs and collaborated with Scottish A Cappella societies to host SACC 2019. We're now a society with over eighty members, with eight incredible groups, including three competition groups (Cloud 9, Licence to Trill, and Tone Up), three non-competition groups (Note-orious, Edinbellas, and Shirley Tempos), a barbershop quartet (4play), and a beatboxing collaborative (5 Beats in a Bar).


Show-stopping competition groups

Our first competition group, Tone Up, made a storming debut at the Scottish A Cappella Championships (SACC) in St. Andrews 2016, winning outstanding awards for Best Choreography and Best Vocal Percussion. At the national Voice Festival UK 2018 Competition, Tone Up qualified for the final, winning awards for Overall Outstanding Performance and as well as Best Soloist. This year Tone Up placed 2nd at the ICCA quarter-finals in Edinburgh, going on to place 4th overall at the UK Finals. Tone Up have also won several Outstanding Awards at each competition this year, winning awards for Best Soloist and Best Arrangement at SACC 2019.


In 2017, our second competition group, Licence to Trill, was formed after a phenomenal performance of a Beyoncé medley. In their first year of performing, Licence competed at SACC 2017 in St Andrews and won 2nd place. Since then; Licence to Trill earned a place in the Voice Festival UK Final 2018 Competition, and was also selected for the ICCA quarter-finals 2019. Last year, Licence to Trill also competed in SACC 2019 hosed in Edinburgh, winning an incredible first place, and becoming the first EUAC group to win this competition.


Our third competition group, the all boys group Cloud 9, was founded 2 years ago. In their first year of forming, the boys successfully qualified for the Voice Festival UK 2018 Competition. Since then they have gone from strength to strength, earning a place at the ICCA quarter-finals 2019. This last year, Cloud 9 won Outstanding Awards for Vocal Percussion at both the ICCAs and SACC 2019.

Aca-awesome non-competition groups

For those who don't fancy competing or rehearsing more than once a week, we have some excellent non-competition groups who perform at ceilidhs, charity fundraisers, our own sell-out showcases, as well as events all around Edinburgh!


Our two girls groups, the Edinbellas and the Shirley Tempos perform a variety of songs and genres and have some beautiful blend and wonderful original arrangements. This year the Shirley Tempos performed a range of songs, from an Ariana Grande medley to Amy Winehouse's Valerie, and the Edinbellas performed arrangements such as a mashup of Like a Prayer and Take me to Church, and mixed Sia's Thunderclouds with Maroon 5's Girls Like You


Our mixed non-competition group, Noteorious is the society's oldest group, having performed songs from an Imagine Dragon's medley, a mash-up of Radio Gaga by Queen and Video Killed the Radio Star by the Buggles, to a fantastic randition of Toto's Africa. Our barbershop quartet, 4play, is our novelty group who perform songs all over Edinburgh, such as Lucky Ol' Sun, an eight minute long Aladdin medley, a classic Coney Island, and endless renditions of 'Vocal Spectrum' arrangements.


Our final non-competition group is our award winning 5 Beats in a Bar, an incredible and explosive beatboxing collaboration, who perform a variety of songs such as Satisfaction, I Like to Move it, Tessalate, and more.




EUAC puts on some fantastic socials, such as our charity fundraising Halloween Ball in collaboration with the EUBBT society, end of year ceilidhs, aca-family socials, as well as internal group socials and our semesterly showcases! 





Group Type Rehearsals
4play Mixed Barbershop Quartet Monday
5 Beats in a Bar  Beatboxing Collaborative  Friday
Cloud Nine Boys Competition Thursday / Sunday
Edinbellas Girls Non-Competition Monday
Licence to Trill Girls Competition Thursday / Sunday
Note-orious Mixed Non-Competition Monday
Shirley Tempos Girls Non-Competition Wednesday
Tone Up Mixed Competition Tuesday / Friday / Sunday



To keep updated with our performances, recordings and news, follow us:


Website: https://www.eduniacappella.com/
Facebook: www.facebook.com/EdinburghUniACappella
Instagram: @EdUniACappella
Twitter: @EdUniAca


Take a look at our updated 2018 constitution: https://www.eusa.ed.ac.uk/resources/euac/EUAC-Constitution-201819/


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