Welcome to the Entrepreneurship Society!
Entrepreneurship is like swimming; you cannot learn it by reading a book. You learn it experientially. So it’s not surprising that training for entrepreneurship cannot come from people who are within the systems created by it. It’s a very personal journey and an intimate one whose ultimate result could be the gift of self-actualization.
We aim to inspire, develop and connect future entrepreneurial leaders at Edinburgh University, as well as to provide students with the right tools needed for innovative thinking required to solve real-world problems.
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Please find our current constitution here: Constitution of UoE Entrepreneurs.
Executive Team:
From 2012 Anton has been actively involved in entrepreneurial ecosystem here in Edinburgh. In 2015 he became a Saltire Foundation scholar and completed his internship as a Personal assistant to the CEO at Edinburgh Airport. Following this experience, he decided to set up Entrepreneurship Society at the UoE to make sure students are both aware and can make use of a vast number of opportunities that are available to them in Scotland.
Every since a young age Ankit has been deepely fascinated by science and business. These two dispositions guided him down a path filled with great austerity and astounding wonder which eventually led him to discover his love for Artificial Intelligence. He has given TEDx talks about the subject, is currently working on a secret theory about it and intends to start an AI company someday.
  • • President – Anton Puzõrjov (LinkedIn)
  • • Vice-President – Ankit Sonkar (LinkedIn)
Office Bearers:
Jaeger believes that the best way to predict the future is to create it. From an early age of 16, Jaeger has been engaged in the Edinburgh entrepreneurial scene. From his ongoing learning experience he hopes to add value to society by helping start-ups foresee common business pitfalls and match them with the right investors to ultimately make great ideas happen. Jaeger's mission is clear: make Edinburgh the Silicon Valley of Scotland.
Dasha is convinced that all the people on Earth are connected by the six degrees of separation, that's why it's so important to maintain existing connections and make new ones, especially in your student years! With some special working experience in financial services and entertainment, Dasha will make the most of your time spent with EntSoc and charge you with her energy and optimism. She will tell you how to stay strong and motivated all the way through, because after all no goals are unachievable if you truly believe in yourself.
Since early high school, Riccardo has engaged in several business and entrepreneurship related projects as well as in holding multiple representative roles which gave him a fundamental understanding of real world situations in business and strong abilities in interpersonal relations. The strive for aiding the growth and success of a crucial framework for young entrepreneurs in Edinburgh led him to join the committee in his 1st year of studies and his commitment to add great value to the Society perfectly reflects his attitude. Never settle.
For Barbara, university is a place to gain new skills and to expand your horizons, while you are enjoying the process of discovering your true potential. She has always been keen on enriching students’ experiences: in the past she was the vice president of her high-school student's association and an internship ambassador at her previous university. Her goal is to make sure you don't miss any of the EntSoc events that will add value to your student years and help you to build yourself an amazing future.
Being creative and thinking out of the box comes naturally to him. His talents, blended with experience from working in different industries makes him a solution- oriented guy. His analytical and witty approach combined with his positive, but realistic assessments of any situation makes him a delight to work with. And not to forget, he is pursuing his Master's in Film Directing!
As a sociology student, Ilia has always been intrigued by the power of media and marketing in both forming and circulating, ideas and information. EntSoc seemed a perfect way for Ilia to better her skills, meet new people, and expand the society's members and fanbase. Most importantly, it allows Ilia to learn more about entrepreneurship, a concept she finds rather new but very intriguing.
‘Many ideas remain just ideas and never get realised, as people lack the required support and self-confidence to make them happen’. This notion was the reason Nikita decided to co-found the society, aiming to promote innovative thinking among fellow students. Nikita has worked in three startups, participated in development of dozens of ideas and met with countless entrepreneurs, and he aims to help members of the society launch their ideas and connect with businesses both in Scotland and in California, where he is currently undergoing his university exchange year.
  • • Treasurer – Jaeger Baird (LinkedIn)
  • • Secretary – Dasha Svishchikova (LinkedIn)
  • • IT, Marketing and Event Manager – Riccardo Fiorista (LinkedIn)
  • • PR Manager – Barbara Pacheco (LinkedIn)
  • • Creative Director – Shivashish Wali (LinkedIn)
  • • Marketing Manager – Ilia Ignatiadi (LinkedIn)
  • • Non-executive Advisor – Nikita Samarin (LinkedIn)
Entrepreneurial Mind
A series of weekly events aimed at promoting discussion and encouraging conversation. Examples include ‘What success and failure is?’, ‘How the mind of an entrepreneur is different from other people?’, ‘What traits make entrepreneurs different and how can we develop those traits together?’ and the list goes on. It is all about entrepreneurial mind.
Inter-Society Socials
A series of events that run once a month and are co-organized with other societies at the University of Edinburgh, as well as societies from other universities. These events have various formats and help make connections with members of other societies.
External Events
There are more than 150 entrepreneurship-oriented events taking place in Edinburgh each year. Not only do our members get notified of these events, but they also benefit from special discounts that are not offered elsewhere.
Make it happen
These are events where members of the society can apply the knowledge they obtained in the previous steps in order to create something new. This will often involve finding a problem and coming up with a solution to it. We will then make sure that these ideas will get the support and funding required to make them happen.


  • Edinburgh Entrepreneurs Non Student Membership£16.00
  • Edinburgh Entrepreneurs Student Membership£8.00
If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us at entsoc.ed@gmail.com.
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