Judgement-free sex and relationships education for the real world. We are your local branch of a nationwide organisation of students who offer inclusive, fact-based SRE workshops to secondary schools.


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We’re a group of Edinburgh University students who are passionate about providing fact-based, sex-positive, inclusive Sex & Relationships Education.

We offer free SRE sessions to local schools & youth groups, as well as being involved in sexual health campaigns on campus . We have also taken part in EUSA's successful Consent Campaign at Big Cheese! This year, our main campaign will be for the introduction of mandatory sex and relationships education in schools. We also collaborate with other branches of Sexpression nationwide and attend conferences regularly.

There are a huge range of volunteering options available, so if you're interested in sexual health and would like to volunteer please contact us on our Facebook page!


Sexpression Edinburgh Constitution


Name and Aims

The name of the society shall be Sexpression Edinburgh, herein referred to as SE.

The aims of the society shall be:

  • In keeping with Sexpression:UK’s vision, which is as follows: ‘to promote the health and wellbeing of young people throughout the UK, with specific focus on improving young people’s sexual health and relationships education; where young people are empowered to make individual, informed decisions regarding their bodies and their health’

  • To adhere to Sexpression:UK’s national constitution

  • To deliver high quality informal and interactive sessions about sexual health and relationships in local schools and communities

  • To train Sexpression Edinburgh volunteers to allow them to deliver sessions that are of high quality

    • The training will aim to provide facilitation skills and knowledge relevant to the the sessions that we run, whilst encouraging confidence in our volunteers

    • As per Sexpression:UK constitution, child protection training will be a mandatory part of this training; a register will be provided to national committee of volunteers who have attended child protection training

    • In order to teach in schools, volunteers must attend a training event; there will be one each semester

    • The training events will also serve as the deadline for volunteers to hand in completed PVG application forms; this deadline may be extended to the first meeting after the training day in certain circumstances

  • To update and replenish teaching resources as necessary

    • Time in weekly meetings will be dedicated to doing this for upcoming lessons and all members will be encouraged to contribute

  • To engage with local communities, promoting Sexpression Edinburgh, Sexpression:UK

    • This may be achieved through collaborating and working with relevant societies and external organisations

    • Engagement with the student population will be through online campaigns, such as the consent campaign with EUSA

  • To regularly update our social media accounts with information and resources about Sexpression and topics related to sex and relationship education

  • To travel to schools within the Edinburgh area of all types (i.e private, state, faith etc) in order to reach a large number of pupils

  • To reimburse volunteers for all relevant expenses

  • To host socials and events

    • Examples of the above: workshops ran by Sexpression volunteers, talks and workshops by external speakers, film screenings, outreach on campus

    • The above will be open to both members and non-members

  • To host conferences that can be attended by all Sexpression:UK volunteers and external organisations

  • To attend all Sexpression conferences and General Assemblies

    • As part of national constitution, general assemblies must be attended (either in person or via video conference) by one member of the committee (usually the branch coordinator)

  • To attend relevant training

    • This is particularly relevant for the training coordinators, as they must attend the national ‘train new trainers’ event

  • To advocate for statutory sex and relationship education that is comprehensive and inclusive

    • This is in keeping with Sexpression:UK’s national advocacy campaign



The society shall be affiliated to:

  • Edinburgh University Students’ Association

  • Sexpression:UK


Schools Volunteer requirements

  • In order to teach in schools, volunteers must do the following, without exceptions:
    - have child protection training delivered by the Child Protection Officer
    - attend a Sexpression Training session
    - have completed and received a completed PVG check
    - read and agreed to the Teaching Agreement (detailed below)

  • Each teaching group for a lesson will be allocated a lead volunteer, with the following responsibilities:
    - meeting with the other volunteers in their group at least once prior to the lesson
    - ensure every member of your group feels supported and prepared going into the lesson
    - bringing a copy of the lesson powerpoint with you on a USB stick (i.e. not relying on internet access/Facebook as a means of obtaining teaching resources)
    - taking charge of printing/bringing any other resources to the lesson
    - allow time for a de-brief between volunteers at the end of every lesson
    - fill out the lesson feedback form after every lesson (other volunteers are welcome but not obliged to fill out this form)

  • Volunteers must give a minimum of 1 week’s notice if they are unable to attend a session that they have been allocated, except in circumstances deemed unforeseen and/or reasonable such as illness

  • Failure to give proper notice as cited above will result in a warning; after two warnings, volunteers are unable to teach sessions for the remainder of that semester

  • In order to maintain professionalism and Sexpression:UK’s reputation as a charity, volunteers must not teach if they:
    - are under the influence of alcohol or drugs
    - have drunk an excessive amount of alcohol or have taken drugs the night before a lesson



  • There will be no membership fee for members of Sexpression Edinburgh

  • Two signatories of the committee shall appear on the society’s bank mandate

  • Sexpression Edinburgh’s funds may be used for the following purposes:
    - to a bursary for volunteers who are unable to afford a ticket to Sexpression:UK conferences and general assembly (volunteers who wish to apply for funding must submit a written request)

  • Branch funding from Sexpression:UK may not be used for:

  • SE’s funds may not be used to the profit of committee members



Membership Clauses

  • Membership shall be open to students (at any university) and non-students

  • In keeping with Sexpression:UK’s vision, only students may be permitted to teach at schools and hold committee positions

  • Membership shall be at least 75% matriculated students of Edinburgh University

  • Members must not act in a manner which brings Sexpression Edinburgh into disrepute, and must represent the society as is detailed in the training (i.e. good facilitation during sessions in schools)

  • Members who do not adhere to constitution will be issued with a warning, and subsequently may find themselves not permitted to volunteer


Management Clauses

  • The branch coordinator, secretary and treasurer of the society shall be matriculated students of Edinburgh University (herein referred to as the executive)

  • The branch coordinator shall be ultimately responsible for the conduct of the society

  • The secretary shall be responsible for the administration of the society

  • The treasurer shall be responsible for the finances of the society

  • Society office bearers will attend annual society training as outlined by the Societies’ Team

  • Duties of committees members will be in line with those detailed in Appendix 1


Annual General Meetings and Extraordinary General Meetings

  • All members must receive at least 14 days notification of the Annual General Meeting (AGM) and of elections not held at the AGM

  • Motions for consideration must be submitted in advance of the AGM

  • All office-bearers shall be subject to election annually at the AGM

  • All members who are matriculated students of Edinburgh University shall be entitled to stand and to vote in elections

  • The executive must be assigned to the Society Profile as soon as possible after election

  • The branch coordinator may call an Extraordinary General Meeting for matters arising in the course of the year which require consideration by members

  • EGM procedure shall follow the form of AGM procedure

  • All members must receive at least 14 days notification of the EGM

  • In the event of an executive position becoming vacant, branch coordinator will call an EGM to elect a replacement

  • The quorum of a general meeting shall be 15 people in order to validate any decisions/votes made


Policy Clauses

  • Re-registration of the society must be submitted prior to Week 12 of Semester 2

  • The society has taken and will continue to take all necessary steps to ensure that our meetings, events and socials are accessible to all

  • The society has ensured and will continue to ensure that it complies with any relevant data protection legislation

  • The society shall abide by any applicable laws, bye-laws and guidelines of the Edinburgh University Students’ Association in relation to recognised societies


Safe space policy

  • It is crucial that we do not recreate structures that would silence people in the group who are already silenced in society. To this end, everyone has an equal right to be heard and an equal responsibility to listen; and everyone has a responsibility to challenge prejudice and oppression. We prioritize oppressed people’s voices in relevant discussions and provide them with a space in which their voices can be heard and feel safe. Aggressive behaviour is not conducive to this, and airing belittling views or impinging on another's right to speak is not allowed. An atmosphere that promotes an open, fair discussion should be cultivated at all times

  • The society believes that discrimination or harassment, direct or indirect, based on a person’s gender, age (except where it relates to licensing laws), ethnicity, skin colour, nationality, religious belief, socio-economic background/status, disability, HIV status, sexual orientation, gender identity, family situation, domestic responsibilities, occupation, sex worker status or any other irrelevant distinction, is detrimental to the society, the university and wider society, and will not be tolerated.

  • This policy is to be enforced at all meetings, lessons, events and online spaces [ie. all Sexpression spaces].

  • It is the responsibility of Sexpression committee to uphold the safe space policy

  • It is the responsibility of branch coordinators to address any violations of this policy. However, this should not be taken as a personal affront as this is intended to make Sexpression Edinburgh as inclusive as possible. Language correction by branch coordinators should not be done in an aggressive manner, as we are aware that many people are new to discussions of liberation and Sexpression is a space for education.

  • We will not tolerate tone policing or de-legitimisation of people’s feelings.

  • It is also the responsibility of coordinators to ensure everyone knows about the policy and actively promote inclusivity within the society.

Constitutional Clauses

  • Constitutional amendments shall require a two-thirds majority at an AGM or EGM open to all members; 14 days notice of which shall be given

  • EUSA considers the ruling society constitution to be that which is displayed on the Society Profile

Appendix 1 - duties of committees

The following details the roles and responsibilities of Sexpression Edinburgh’s committee:


Branch coordinators (two members)

Branch coordinators will be highly responsible throughout the year and are the face of Sexpression Edinburgh

You will be responsible for:

  • Attendance to weekly committee and general meetings is mandatory

  • Complete EUSA training as an office bearer

  • Promoting Sexpression at every available opportunity

  • Be aware of the schedule of lessons, campus events, consent stall and other Sexpression events throughout semester

  • Keep in close contact with committee members to ensure they are meeting their responsibilities

  • Setting out goals prior 2017/18 session and ensuring we stick to these

  • Looking out for new opportunities ensuring that Sexpression is continually growing and improving

  • One co-coordinator will be designated welfare, inclusivity and community responsibilities: basically making the society as inclusive to all members as possible

  • Upholding safe space policy and ensuring people know about it

  • Organising and facilitating meetings and sticking to a plan to ensure efficiency and productivity

  • Making a plan of action for the session with the society’s goals and aims in mind in collaboration with the rest of the committee

  • Giving assistance to committee members ad lib eg training day, schools, events

  • Go to national conferences and keep in contact with Sexpression:UK national committee and sharing their information with the branch

  • Keeping up the morale of the group

  • Ensuring our meetings, lessons and events are as accessible as possible

  • Doing anything extra which comes up

  • Doing interviews with student and local news stations about what we do or delegating this

  • Ensuring we collaborate with other societies, organisations and liberation groups as much as possible

  • Encourage people to go to and advertise conferences

  • Helping secretary with feedback information

  • Send branches coordinator information to go in national newsletter

  • Re-registering the society at the end of the academic year (responsibility of incoming co-coordinators!)

  • Run and facilitate feedback meeting each semester



  • Attendance to weekly committee and general meetings is mandatory

  • Take minutes at meetings and post on the facebook committee group and relevant google drive folder

  • Complete EUSA training as an office bearer

  • Regularly check email account and bring attention to unanswered emails for other committee members

  • Send weekly email to the mailing list updating members with our events for the week in order to minimise spam on Facebook (also remove from mailing list those who request this)

  • Create and update Google Calendar with all the important dates

  • Collect and monitor evaluation forms and fill-in the information on the computer. This information will be compiled so that we are constantly able to evaluate how well we are doing


  • Attendance to weekly committee and general meetings is mandatory

  • Monitor financial incomings and outgoings of the society

  • Write budgets for funding applications from Student Council and EUSA

  • Aware of volunteers’ financial situations (if stated) so that reimbursement can be given where necessary, until we have enough money that everything is reimbursed.

  • Organise fundraisers throughout the year in aid of Sexpression Edinburgh

  • Ensure branch funding from National is used - can use this on training resources

  • Make an inventory of resources owned by the society

  • Apply for funding


School coordinators (two members)

  • Attendance to weekly committee and general meetings is mandatory

  • Promote Sexpression Edinburgh by emailing and meeting with local schools

  • Allocate volunteers to lessons by coordinating doodle polls and lesson timetables

  • Ensure there are enough volunteers for all lessons, allowing for dropouts etc.

  • Collaborate with the training coordinators to ensure all schools volunteers are trained, have received clear PVGs and have had child protection training

  • Find out if volunteers are new to this kind of volunteering or have had previous experience of teaching - makes choosing lead volunteers easier

  • Collaborate with welfare coordinator to be aware of schools volunteers’ needs


Lesson planning coordinators (two members)

  • Attendance to weekly committee and general meetings is mandatory

  • Make new lesson plans and update existing lesson plans

  • Ensure lesson plans and powerpoints are available to volunteers at least a week before they teach

  • Organise meetings in which to deliver lesson-specific training to schools volunteers


Training coordinators (two members)

  • Attendance to weekly committee and general meetings is mandatory

  • Train general members in shared skills (eg. facilitation workshops) and sexpression related issues (eg. LGBT+, sex worker rights, feminism etc.) and train volunteers to teach in schools

  • Coordinate weekly meetings and ensuring that these are varied, educational and fun. This would involve sorting the logistics of inviting speakers, ensuring workshops were prepared and films ready for film screenings etc.

  • Full training day at the beginning of the year and a couple of training evenings throughout the year

  • Paramount that training coordinators attend all Sexpression:UK training events (GA/train the trainers weekend) and any opportunity that arises to allow knowledge to reach Sexpression Edinburgh branch members

  • Responsible for child protection training and volunteer PVG administration


Advocacy and campaigning coordinators (two members)

  • Attendance to weekly committee and general meetings is mandatory

  • Coordinate with Advice Place to arrange C-card training for volunteers

  • Recruit volunteers for the consent stall and collate helpful resources for those on the stall

  • Ensure resources for the consent stall are ordered from EUSA

  • Lead the annual campaigns (which will be chosen by the committee at the handover meeting)

  • Re-engage with new eusa sabbatical officers each year


Social secretary

  • Attendance to weekly committee and general meetings is mandatory

  • Coordinate regular (fortnightly), inclusive and varied socials throughout the year

  • Organise welcoming socials at the beginning of each semester

  • Organise an end of the year social after (or around) the AGM


Social media

  • Attendance to weekly committee and general meetings is mandatory

  • Create all facebook events

  • Posting on facebook and twitter everything that we do

  • Educational posts on the page

  • Run tumblr, instagram and twitter account

  • Reply to messages on social media (mainly on facebook account and page)


Advocacy and Campaigns Coordinator
Dara Minogue
Branch Coordinators
Lucy Di-Nozzi
Ruby Wlaschin
Lesson Planning Coordinator
Oliver Ellis
Media and Socials Secretary
Biba Richardson
Schools Coordinator
Lydia Bell
Eva Chik
Margherita Vianello
Training and Child Protection Coordinator
Shin Thong Low
Emily Blakeman
Weekly Meeting Coordinator
Maddie Lloyd
Welfare Officer
Isobel Cordrey