Edinburgh University Global Health Society

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Welcome to the EUGHS!

Please visit our main website at: edinghs.wix.com/edinghs

Who are we?

We are a group of students having a keen interest in health on the global level and in the factors that affect it. We provide a platform for the sharing of ideas, experiences and research in global health.

In order to explore this theme, we hold a vast array of events throughout the year.  Our events last year included interesting talks, thought-provoking film screenings and  journal clubs- of course accompanied by a pint of beer!

Notable past speakers have included Prof. Harry Campbell, who is also the society’s patron, Prof. Igor Rudan and Dr Liz Grant.

We have close links with the University’s Global Health Academy, and might be the only society supported by the University’s staff!

If you want to get involved, and find on Facebook

Email us at: edinghs@gmail.com