Mental Health and Wellbeing


  • Mental Health and Wellbeing Society Student Membership£3.00
  • Mental Health and Wellbeing Society Non Student Membership£3.00

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This society exists to provide an informal and friendly space within which University of Edinburgh students can: learn more about the importance of mental wellbeing; get involved in political advocacy campaigns promoting better mental health and wellbeing services and awareness amongst young people; and gain access to useful information and wellbeing services. 

The society aims to better the student experience on and off campus for all University of Edinburgh students. Acting as a platform and networking hub, the society also aims to increase student access to the best services and knowledge available on issues ranging from temporary mental stresses, to more chronic conditions. 

Becoming a member will enable you to become a part of a movement towards placing wellbeing at the heart of the university experience!

Campaign and Advocacy Officer
Imogen Brown
General Member
Imogen Bristow
Becky Price
Amani Ziyat
Saira -
Marie-Christina McManus
Joanna Rigbye
Evan Bayton
Kel Norman
Social Secretary
Ashley Chew
Sarah Diss
Marie-Christina McManus
Vice President
Alina Bondarenko
Wellbeing Coordinator
Kel Norman