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  • Edinburgh League of Legends Society Non-Student Membership£7.50
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     You all probably know what League of Legends is if you're on this page but if you don't then you definitely need to try it! It's not only the most played online game at the moment with well over 100,000,000 active users but it's also the best game with a mix of casual and competitive play! (at least in our opinion)


     If you play or want to play LoL then this is the society for you! We have members who play most nights with scheduled community night games every Thursday from 7PM onwards and pub nights from 8PM every Tuesday. Follow this link: https://discord.gg/KyJNdxJ to join our discord where all the magic happens.


     We have viewing parties for LCS events and hold LANs and tournaments regularly too so we have something for everyone! We also enter many teams into the competitive NUEL league so if you have a competitive side make sure to find a team!


     So whether you want ranked partners, casual games or just a great crowd to hang around with you should definitely join!

Hope to see you soon!


Billy Young
Rory Buchanan
Bruce Milliken