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Hello and Welcome to the University of Edinburgh Gallery Society!

The Gallery Society has been recently founded by two Joint Honour second year students in September 2020. Our aim is to create a society that holds an annual gallery exhibition to showcase our student artists at the University – promoting their work not only to other students, but to the public as well.

Our primary aim when setting up the Gallery Society was to allow creative students of all abilities and ages to take the opportunity and gain some valuable experience in the Art exhibiting world.

Throughout the year, we hope our members will have many opportunities to network with fellow students, by learning and taking advice from more mature and established student artists on how to pave a career within the Art World.

We want our society and exhibition to deconstruct the stereotype of an elitist gallery setting, encouraging a wide variety of art disciplines to showcase their work including poetry, drama, and architecture.

Due to Covid-19, a gallery exhibition in the summer may be impossible to achieve but throughout the year we still hope to promote students and their creative work to the public.

*Membership to the gallery society has been made free for this year, due to the lack of ability to do in person events* 

Graphic Designer
Freya Moran
Hanna Rechnio
Holly York
Megan Davies
Leah Lockwood