Economics Society

The Economics Society aims to provide Academic, Career, Social and real Research experiences. We are one of the largest student run organisations in Scotland, with members from 115 different degrees.


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The University of Edinburgh Economics Society offers our members experiences and opportunities that are not available through the university. These generally fall under four sectors: Careers, Research, Socials and Academic Affairs. A member of the Economics Society can expect regular social events, careers information sessions and networking sessions, the opportunity to engage in real-life research projects and attend academic debates and speakers. In addition, the Economics Society run an Investment Banking Club, a Python Programming Course, participate in the annual Scottish Economics Conference and much more!


We'd love for you to join us! See more for yourself on our website:

Bryan Lee
EconWomen Coordinator
Ruby Frazer-Dalby
Head of Community Affairs
William Hwang
Head of External Relations
Michelle Santoso
Marketing Director
Zoe Camaya
Sofia de Martin
Mariya Gogenko
Luke Courtney
Vice President
Jasmine Kazantzis