Economics Society

The ECONOMICS SOCIETY aims to enhance the student experience for students interested in Economics. Our initiatives broadly fall into four categories: Academics, Careers, Socials, Research.


1. Providing stimulating academic opportunities and insights which are out of the ordinary curriculum or add to that which is already being taught.

2.Educating our members about the career opportunities available to them, and enhancing their employability through collaboration with corporate sponsors and the Careers Service.

3. Delivering a variety of social events for our members and working to develop a community feel within the Society.

4. Our new Research initiative allows students interested in applying and developing their analytical skills to engage in real research projects, often with top companies.




We'll keep you up to date on all of our meetings, conferences, social, careers and networking events, and many other projects on our Facebook page and through our weekly newsletter! 

We're also always eager to welcome anyone who would like to become more actively involved in the Society, whether through working on an existing project, or proposing something entirely new. We can't wait to meet you!





Ruaridh Duff
Vice President
Bryan Haun Lee
Alistair Burnett
Mengqi Lyu