Bhangra Crew

Edinburgh University Bhangra Team


  • Bhangra Crew Full Year Student Membership£30.00
  • Bhangra Crew Full Year Non Student Membership£40.00

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Why should I join Edinburgh Bhangra Crew?

You should join EBC if you want to learn how to dance, make some awesome friends, have an amazing social life and basically have the most fun it is possible to have in Edinburgh!

What does EBC do?

We hold Bhangra classes bi-weekly.

On top of that we also meet up for ice cream and have movie nights. We have club nights where we hire out a whole club just for EBC and friends and show off our Bhangra moves on the dance floor.

We also use the dances we learn to perform at weddings, festivals, workshops, corporate events, Diwali and competitions. We provide costumes and props for all the performances.

What is Bhangra?

Bhangra is a folk dance from Punjab in India. It is a loud, energetic celebratory dance. You don’t need any previous experience to join.

When are your classes and how much do they cost?

Classes are Tuesdays  6 - 8pm and Sundays  5 - 7pm.

Price for the semester is £18 or £25 for the whole year. If you know you will only be able to attend a few lessons then you don’t have to pay for the whole semester/year; instead you can pay £3 per class. Plus the first few sessions of the semester will be completely FREE!

What did you say about a competition?

Aha! So you were paying attention! Every January we travel down to London to compete against other university teams in Capital Bhangra. If you want to see how we did last year, watch this video:

Dance Captains
Lavannya Manohar
Shreya Gupta
Publicity and Marketing
Ioana Buzduga
Vishwani Chauhan
Kamya Choudhary
Rosalyn Pearson
Vice President
Mehak Bammi
Ioana Buzduga