Bhangra Crew

EBC is a non- profit student society based at the University of Edinburgh. Our dance community seeks to promote values like peace, friendship, love and a community spirit through bhangra.


  • Bhangra Crew Academic Year Student Membership£30.00
  • Bhangra Crew Academic Year Non Student Membership£40.00
  • Bhangra Crew Semester One Student Membership£20.00

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Bhangra is a high-energy folk dance originating from the northern state of Punjab, India. Traditionally, it is a dance of celebration and joy, the community comes together to dance on occasions like weddings and festivals - so laughter and colour becomes an essential feature. Bhangra has a strong international presence outside India as well, popularised through Bollywood films and the Punjabi music industry, even featuring on Britain’s Got Talent and making an appearance at the Olympic Games! As a dance form, it’s cardio-intensive that involves group formations, definitely, an hour of Bhangra can match up to any gym session.


 Who are we?

Our dance community seeks to promote values like peace, friendship, love and a community spirit through bhangra. Our group was formed in 2008, when a group of friends who loved  to express themselves through dance decided to come together. We've been performing at a range of events including fundraising for local charities, blasting out our moves at weddings or other private events, and even came in second place at TBC-U, a national bhangra competition in 2016 and featured in a BBC promo covering Edinburgh’s talent. We also love being involved in community events in and around Edinburgh, we’ve had the chance to dance at celebrations such as Diwali Parade, SASA Diwali, Hindu Soc Diwali, Dusshera on Calton Hill and the Light Night.

Every year, our society organises its own showcase which usually happens in March. The aim of the showcase is to demonstrate the work and passion behind all that we teach in class. All the tickets and all the money raised coming from the showcase are donated to a charity. In 2017, we raised £1000 for Saheliya and this year, we have raised £1003 for Oaklands School. The hard work of our committee as well as of the members was recognized by the Edinburgh University Students’ Association and we were awarded the ‘Best Performance and Arts Society’ in 2018 at the Activities Awards.




Why join EBC?

 At EBC we are an inclusive society, everyone can attend our bi-weekly classes for a portion of an intense workout to a medley of Punjabi,English and Bollywood rhythms. In addition, our members can also have the opportunity to take their bhangra skills to the next level and perform with us at special events. We offer a super supportive, encouraging and friendly environment where every student is appreciated, valued and loved. Once a part of EBC, you’d also be invited to regular socials like movie nights, dinners, nights out and other events. 

Check out our  Youtube Channel  for our activity:


How can you contact EBC?

You can drop us an email on or pop us a message on our Facebook page, Edinburgh Bhangra Crew (@ebhangra). We look forward to hearing from you! Till then, subscribe to our newsletter to keep up with all the latest news, information about events and updates on upcoming classes.


Where can I attend classes? TBC 

If you just want to try out a couple of classes rather than a full membership, you can pay on the day: £3 for students and £4 for non-students attendees.


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Publicity and Marketing
Vishwani Chauhan
Kamya Choudhary
Rosalyn Pearson
Vice President
Ioana Buzduga