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What is Bhangra?

Bhangra is a celebratory Punjabi folk dance that is loud and energetic. You don't need any previous bhangra or dance experience to join us - just the willingness to have a lot of fun!



Why should I join Edinburgh Bhangra Crew?


To dance Bhangra of course! And get a crazy-fun work out, be part of the friendliest dance society, hang out with all of the EBC beans and get the opportunity to perform in our beautiful costumes.

What do EBC do?

We hold Bhangra dance classes bi-weekly - everyone is welcome to both these classes no matter their skill level.  We perform throughout Scotland and within a few weeks you could be performing with us! Click here to find out more about our performances.


On top of that we have regular socials to spread the EBC love...did someone say chai night?

And then of course we also have the hotly anticipated EBC Club Nights: twice a year we hire out a venue just for EBC and friends and show off our Bhangra moves. You can of course take these moves to all of the other dance floors in Edinburgh!






Here's a glimpse of what we do:


Remind me again why I should join EBC.
You should join EBC because you want to have the most CRAZYSUPERAWESOMEFUN at university. We're a very diverse and multicultural society so you'll be meeting people from all backgrounds whilst dancing your socks off (quite literally)!!
We challenge you to attend EBC and leave without loving bhangra and being part of the EBC family, see you soon! Balle balle!
Join the Crew
  • Bhangra Crew Full Year Student Membership£30.00
  • Bhangra Crew Full Year Non Student Membership£40.00

The Edinburgh Bhangra Crew is sponsored by KPMG Careers