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Welcome to the Digital Rights Society!


First things first: what are digital rights? Consider them as equivalent to human rights, but in the digital space. In practice, digital rights protect your privacy, your freedom of expression and your ability to access and create digital media.


They matter because we live in an information society - digital technologies permeate every aspect of our lives. They've fundamentally changed how we work, socialise, study, date, educate, entertain and express ourselves, in the obvious ways and in ways that are much more subtle.


However, some of the changes that have been taken place due to this "digital permeation" are concerning. Often, we don't grasp the full extent of their consequences. This is why we founded this group: to have the conversations necessary to help us understand the impact of these consequences on our rights and improve our information society. Thus, we'll be organising events on surveillance capitalism, big tech, gender and technology, algorithmic transparency, freedom of speech, inclusion, cybercrime and state surveillance, amongst other topics.


Interested? If you're reading this through your Facebook account, perhaps you should be. Follow us to stay tuned for events, workshops, discussion groups, opportunities and more!


The Digital Rights Society was founded by undergraduate and graduate members of a range of colleges at the University of Edinburgh. We encourage any and all students who are interested to get involved. Just message us!

Armin Ghofrani
Francesca Malila
Shefali Sharma-Patel