Conscious Change

Conscious Change is a student-led initiative that promotes changes to reduce the environmental impact of day-to-day life, through weekly workshops, socials, and online information.


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  • Risk Assessment

    06 Feb 2019

    Here you will be able to check all the risks associated with the events Conscious Change runs. It will be updated any time a new risk is identified.

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Here at Conscious Change, we are all about taking action. It does not matter if you are a fresher studying humanities, or Al Gore himself, EVERYONE is welcome at the society...all that we require from you is an interest in the environment and a desire to make a difference, starting with that damn good-looking customer you see in the mirror every morning. We believe that to make a big difference, it takes a whole lot of little changes. We run workshops that teach you how to make your own products that are completely sustainable, including anything from reusable beeswax wraps (instead of cling film), to making your own surface cleaner. Also, our social team will keep you informed about how to improve your day-to-day environmental impact as a student. As X said, “the biggest problem that we face today is people thinking that Climate Change is someone else’s business”.

Marketing Officer
Fatima Abdulla
Ordinary Member
Leonor Costa Pinto Teixeira Dias
Susanna Kidd
Publicity Officer
Timothy Constable Maxwell
Laura Gillies
Social Coordinator
Amanda Scully
Supply Manager
Emily Williamson
James Bird
Laura Gillies
Workshop Officer
Erika Lau