Edinburgh University's Chocolate Society welcomes you, lover of chocolate.

They say a minute on the lips is a lifetime on the hips but if you love chocolate enough to ignore this then this society is for you! Come and meet other chocolate enthusiasts.

We are looking for keen chocolate lovers who are interested in getting their teeth into running Choc Soc. Contact us for more details if you feel you can help us.

Upcoming events

Chocolate Making Event to come in November

Join us for a chocolate making session with Thinking Chocolate!


Tickets are available below and this is what the class includes:
Introduction to chocolate 
Sampling cocoa nibs and butter 
Tasting couverture 
Ganache making demonstration 
Chocolate making demonstration 
Hands on session 
Chocolate fondue 
Gift wrapping of chocolates

For more information, click here!

Christmas Dinner!

We are going to Salisbury Arms for our first Christmas Dinner as a society!

Thank you to those who have already put in your deposits!

To keep up to date about this event, click here!

Get to know our committee!

Celina Dong Ye
Raman Goyal
Social Secrtary
Sophia Cedeno
Christel Chang

Be a part of our family!

Join us now and become a member of ChocSoc!
  • Chocolate Society Academic Year Membership£8.00
  • Chocolate Society Semester Two Membership£5.00

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