Tai Chi Society

Our society offers classes in Chen family style Tai Chi. Tai Chi is suitable for people of all levels of fitness and ability and beginners are always welcome.


  • Tai Chi Society Membership£5.00


  • Tai Chi Society Full Semester Student Pass£30.00
  • Tai Chi Society Full Semester Non Student Pass£45.00
  • Tai Chi Society Half Semester Student Pass£15.00
  • Tai Chi Society Half Semester Non Student Pass£25.00

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Tai Chi Chuan is an art and system of movement based on internal strength. As a martial art and form of self-defense, it is a healthy and relaxing form of exercise suitable for people of all levels of fitness and ability. Characterized by moving exercises known as the Tai Chi Form, which is a series of slow, continuous and flowing movements done with calm concentration, it is often called meditation in motion. We practice the Laojia form, qigong and silk reeling which applied in pushing hands (partner work) develops an understanding of the martial aspects of Tai Chi. We practice Chen style Tai Chi which is the oldest and parent form of other Tai chi styles. So if you’re interested in trying Tai Chi we meet twice a week and everyone’s first class is free. We look forward to seeing you! 


Class details:

Semester 1 (Tuesdays + Thursdays): Tuesday 17th September - Thursday 28th November

Semester 2 (Tuesdays + Thursdays): Tuesday 14th January - Thursday 26th March

Start and finish dates may vary slightly due to room availability.

Our first lesson will be held in LG34 Paterson's Land due to a large number of attendants. There will be directions to guide you to the room in the building.

Both weekly classes will be held at Paterson's Land Room G43 on Holyrood Road, EH8 8AQ @7pm to 9 pm.

Lessons cost £3 at the door for non-members, £2 at the door for members who don't purchase the lesson block.

Alternatively, it is possible to purchase the whole block of lessons as a member during either semester for £30 for students and £45 for non-students.

That's 22 lessons for the price of 10 for students!

We also offer half-semester passes if you prefer, giving you access to 11 classes any time throughout the semester! £15 for students and £25 for non-students. Please bring in your card so a committee member can keep a tally, thanks.

(N.B. The passes are available in the "Our Products" tab after purchasing your membership.)

Please feel free to email us at eutaichi@gmail.com for further information on our classes and training fees. 


Xiaosheng An
Chia-Sueh Hu
Naiyue Zhang
Vice President
Zhiqian Lyu