The Buchanan Institute

Scotland's leading student-led think tank, training students to do research and lobbying in public policy ultimately turning their ideas into action


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Welcome to The Buchanan Institute, Edinburgh's first and Scotland's only student-led think tank, and join us on Facebook!


We aim to fundamentally change how students engage with the public sphere. Rather than merely protesting against what is wrong, students can, through Buchanan, put forward their own alternatives. It is part of the student think-tank movement that has been growing quickly across the UK and around the world.


It turns ideas into concrete policy proposals that strive to influence political action. The Buchanan Institute generates, articulates and spreads the ideas of students, striving to turn them into reality. Through initiatives such as matching project teams with academic mentors, Buchanan also draws upon the expertise of leading academics. The Buchanan Institute brings people together to think, learn, discuss, research, and gain invaluable experience. It is non-partisan, centred around evidence and open to everyone, and thus inspires dialogue that may otherwise not be heard.


This year, given the COVID-19 pandemic, our weekly workspaces to train researchers through our structured training programme and 'check-in' calls will be held virtually.  Attendance to weekly workspace is compulsory and open to everyone interest in becoming a member or joining a project. Please refer to our Facebook Page or email our Secretary at to get the logistical weekly information for the workspaces 

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