Bruneian Society


  • Bruneian Society Student Membership£3.00
  • Bruneian Society Non Student Membership£5.00

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<p> This society was formed with the main aims of fostering fellowship, familiarity and uni<span class="text_exposed_show" style="display: inline; ">ty among the Bruneian students in Edinburgh; providing a support system for the well-being and education of the Bruneian students in Edinburgh; encouraging intellectual, social, cultural and sports interests among the members; preserving the cultural values of Brunei; promoting and educating the people in Edinburgh about Brunei and its rich culture and traditions; encouraging the Bruneian students to learn and be exposed to different cultures, thus making their overseas experience fruitful; and lastly maintaining harmony within other societies.<br /> <br /> So please feel free to join the society, whether you're from Brunei or not. Anyone from any part of the world is welcome =)</span></p>