Biology Society (BioSoc)


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  • Biological Society Constitution

    22 Jul 2019

    The constitution in which BioSoc follows.

  • BioSoc Live Risk Assessment

    06 Jun 2018

    This document covers all the potential risks all the activities in BioSoc (academic year 2019/20) may contain. Cautions and preventions are thoroughly made for all the risks for committee members and members to be aware of.

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Welcome to BioSoc!

BioSoc is a great way to meet like-minded people and further your passion for biology in a social environment. Throughout the year we organize and host a series of academic and social events, which allow you to get to know your fellow peers.


Academic Support and Opportunities:

BioSoc offers academic support to any students in need. With members studying in all academic years for a series of Bachelors of Science (BSc) we guarantee that we can give advice, suggestions, and tips on how to deal with any difficulties you may encounter based on past experience. In addition, the Biology Society offers great opportunities to further your academic experience and expand your view of biology. We host guest lecturers, who discuss current world events and run educative trips to the Edinburgh Zoo and Botanical Gardens.


Social Experience:

BioSoc prides itself on its fantastic and creative social events that occur throughout the year. These socials are always great fun and are a really good way of getting to know other Biology enthusiasts! A few of our previous socials include pub quizzes, scavenger hunts and themed dress up pubcrawls. 

BioSoc is also responsible for organising the BioBall - the most highly anticipated social event of the year! Tickets always sell out quickly so keep an eye out for announcements on the BioSoc facebook page!

Intramural sports

Male and Female intramural sports teams are being created for biosoc members and other individuals interested in joining. Handball and football teams are being created, but our sport secretary is open to suggestions! If you are interested in joining please see the contacts bellow:

Womens sports teams: Hannah (

Males sports teams: Dominic ( 


News and updates regarding events will be posted on the Edinburgh Uni BioSoc Facebook page - remember to click like and follow to keep updated on all things BioSoc! A monthly email will also circulate to update members on what to look forward to! Join the mailing list by buying a membership or emailing



Yearly membership costs £3 (£5 for non-students). This gives access to all BioSoc events, as well as allowing you to capitalize on the great deals offered to members by our sponsors. Membership also gives you a discount from you BioBall ticket at the end of the academic year!


2017/2018 Committee

President - Madi Sherritt 

Vice President - Kim Crane

Treasurer - Chloe Craig

Secretary - Georgina Eglinton 

BioBall Officers - Keethi Sivan & Lydia Freeman

Social Secretary - Aliya Santosa & Alba Strachan

Academic Secretaries - William Gouskov & Karolina Brzezinska

Sport Secretary - Hannah Martin 

Social Media Rep - Lyndon Leissle

Fourth Year Rep - Rajwa Mecca

Third Year Rep - Emma Watts

Second Year Rep - Dominic Arthur 

First year rep - Katie Hardwick

Please feel free to contact the committee: or president: with any queries you may have.

Emma Watts
Karolina Brzezinska
Social Media Representative
Katie Hardwick
Sport Secretary
Nya de Kock Jewell
Dominic Arthur