The University of Edinburgh Beer and Brewing Society (Beersoc)

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About us

This society was spawned from the love and appreciation of good beer. Whether your favourites are porters, stouts, bitters, amber ales, best bitters, IPAs, Belgians, wheats, saisons, dunkels, bochs or doppelbochs we are the society for you. Our events range from evenings spent at one of Edinburgh’s many fine pubs, to beer festivals, blind tastings, brewery visits and meet the brewer events.
We are also passionate about brewing our own beer and teaching anyone interested how to do so. The society has its own brewing kit which any member is welcome to use. We hold regular ‘learn how to brew’ sessions in which a society beer is brewed. Once ready the beer is enjoyed at one of our homebrew parties. In any case, come see us at the freshers fair and join us for a pint sometime. Cheers!




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  • Beer & Brewing Society Student Membership£5.00
  • Beer & Brewing Society Non Student Membership£10.00