Ballroom Dancing Society

The Ballroom Dancing society offers professional ballroom and latin tuition and compete in competitions across the UK. No partner required. Come along and give it a go!


  • Ballroom Dancing Society Semester Two Student Base Membership£20.00
  • Ballroom Dancing Society Semester Two Non Base Membership£30.00


  • Ballroom Dancing Society Members-only single online class£2.00
  • Ballroom Dancing Society Members-only pack of 6 online classes£12.00
  • Ballroom Dancing Society Members-only pack of 12 online classes£24.00
  • Ballroom Dancing Society Members-only pack of 20 online classes£40.00
  • Ballroom Dancing Society Non-members single online class£5.00
  • Ballroom Dancing Society Members Warwick comp entry Latin category£5.00
  • Ballroom Dancing Society Members Warwick comp entry Ballroom category£5.00
  • Ballroom Dancing Society Members Warwick comp entry charity dance£2.00

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The Ballroom Dancing society offers professional ballroom and latin tuition and compete in competitions across the UK.  We have a great community of old-hands and newbies to dancing.

For all of you who want to waltz across the dancefloor, tango till dawn, or learn just enough steps to keep you from embarrassing yourself at a social night: come to ballroom dancing!  

Whether you've never set eyes (or feet) on a dancefloor, or have been dancing the cha-cha since before you could talk, we want you! Come alone, with a partner, with flat-mates, with anyone else you can persuade to come. Come in jeans and trainers, in a pretty dress with killer heels or in a full-body wetsuit and flippers (not particularly recommended): we don't care.

The aim is to learn some dancing, while having fun and meeting new people. It's not that hard, so come along and give it a go!


Frequently Asked Questions:

Updated 11 January 2021

1. I'm wondering about how partnerships would work this term/year due to COVID? Do you need a partner? Would the classes start online for now?

No you absolutely don't need a partner to join. Usually our classes are in person, but at the moment all our classes are delivered across Zoom. We are closely monitoring Scottish government guidelines and circumstances change every now and then but we can start returning to physical classes as soon as the situation gets better.


2. What are the types of classes you offer?

Our classes cater to all levels, whether you are a more experienced dancer or an absolutely beginner, there is surely something there for you.


3. Will there be rooms (EUSA-provided or external) for dance practices, if dancing is happening?

EUSA unfortunately will not be offering us any rooms for the time being. We have been exploring external hire spaces, but from the Society, EUSA, and Dancesport Scotland’s point of view, no dancesport club should be legally hosting any physical classes due to the current situation. 

If the situation gets better, we already have gotten in touch with external venues so we can start physical classes as soon as the situation permits.


4. How will events happen with covid restrictions? I am also curious about the balls and types of socials held by the society.

We will be making most events easily accessible online, and any in person events that may be organised will be done in accordance to government restrictions! Winter Ball and Summer will not be organised until government guidelines allow it.


5. I was wondering if you held small classes and outdoors in a well-ventilated area?

We do not teach in any outdoor spaces but if private classes is something you would be interested in you may speak with our teacher Chris Malone to arrange that. (


6. Memberships: How much is membership and what does it include?

We will introduce a Semesterly Base Membership and a Pay As You Go system. The membership fee is £20 for students and £30 for non-students (per semester), and with the membership each online class we charge a standard £2 only. Non-members will have to pay £5 per online class.

As an EUBDS member, you enjoy discounts on IDS shoe orders, the access to an exclusive members-only group, weekly mailing lists with all the highlights of events, reduced class fee, free hire of Society’s dancewear, and much more!


7. Does the Society provide costumes of any sort for competition? Wondering if gowns/costumes are passed down between team members, as they are expensive to purchase! Does membership include costumes?

Yes! This is included in your membership price so there's no need to worry about spending tons on a fancy dress for competitions or performances. The Society has a whole range of ballroom and latin dresses in a variety of sizes along with some accessories and shirts for male dancers. Also, most beginner and novice categories in competitions have "restricted dress" which is basically normal plain or minimally patterned clothes so you won't have to worry about having a fancy dress for these categories! But don't despair beginners and novices - you can still compete in team matches in fancy dresses as well as during performances (and some competitions allow novices in "fancy" dress too!).


8. How do I subscribe to the mailing list? Do I just need to purchase membership on EUSA page?

Yes, EUSA is currently the only way to buy our membership. Then, you will be automatically added to the mailing list.


9. If you have anymore questions please message us on our facebook page (Edinburgh University Ballroom Dancing Society), and we'll be happy to answer :)



The Committee:

Yohanna Fung
Ladislav Rypar
Ignas Sakuro