Who are we?

AIESEC Edinburgh is part of a global student run platform that promotes competitive placements in over 127 countries here on campus. As a society so heavily present at universities across the world, you will not only be working with peers from our university but you will be meeting and working alongside other students from across the seven continents. The ethos of AIESEC Edinburgh is personal and professional development therefore you will be trained in public speaking, marketing strategies and interview skills to help promote our global volunteering and internship placements. By joining our team, you can join 4 different functions: marketing, our volunteering department, human resources or our internship department. There is also opportunities for you to be promoted within your each function. Interested in joining us?

Application link: https://bit/ly/JoinAIESECApp

Or find out more about AIESEC here: www.aiesec.co.uk

Or are you interested on going on exchange with us?

Looking for a competitive volunteering opportunity, we offer placements with NGOs across the 127 countries that we partner with. Each project aligns itself with SDGs, chosen by the communities themselves allowing you to tackle global issues and make a positive impact in the world. If you are interested or want more information, contact patricia.ma@edinburgh.aiesec.co.uk

If a global internship is what you are after we offer thousands of placements with various start-up companies, thus expanding your personal and professional network to support your future entrepreneurial ventures. Interested in a professional placement, where you can live in a new city and immerse yourself in a new culture? Contact mathias.jacobsen@edinburgh.aiesec.co.uk.

Our Committee

Mathias Jacobsen
Iona Fielding
Lauryn Mwale
Vaishnavi Gangadharmath
Perry Liu
VP Outgoing Global Volunteer
Taylor Johnson


  • AIESEC Student Membership£8.00