Celtic Supporters Society

We are proud, well okay, fairly pleased, to have served the Celtic supporters of the universities of Edinburgh, and non-university members alike, for over 26 years.


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Our Club is perhaps unique amongst supporters clubs in that it can count upon new members on an annual basis as a new tranche of fresh-faced students roll into the universities. On top of this, many student members move on, graduate or (most likely) get thrown out of their studies but continue their downward spiral, er, sorry, membership of HWEUCSC, which allows the Club to have an eclectic mix of students, ex-students, pretend students, never-had-beenstudents, and old men. Over last summer, the club decided it was time to make a special effort again to reach out to our core membership which is, after all, students, and thus even cheaper travel and easier arrangements to book tickets was agreed for our work-shy colleagues.

The HWEUCSC has had its ups and downs, great years and merely good ones, and we are confident that the dedication shown by the club members to keep the HWEUCSC unique and flourishing will mean that success continues far, far into the future or at least next Thursday. It is that dedication that will allow us to ride out this very difficult time for supporters clubs, caused of course by the recession and unfortunately Celtic's apparent determination to make life as difficult as it can be for the poor CSCs.

Membership is open to all. Please visit our website (http://www.hweucsc.net/) or Facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/groups/hweucsc/) for more infomation on the club.

Hail Hail.


Katrina Livingstone
Seán Dunphy
Madeleine Boyle