The 93% Club Edinburgh

We are a group dedicated to representing the interests of state-educated students in Edinburgh.


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We are the 93% Club! We are part of a nationwide network of clubs, all with the same aim. In a country where privately educated individuals are overrepresented in almost every field, the 93% Club Edinburgh aims to break down the divide and ensure that students from disadvantaged educational backgrounds at the University of Edinburgh can have the same positive experience both during and after university.

Our aims and values are:

To provide resources and to offer practical and professional advice and opportunities for state-educated students. We work on outreach initiatives with the wider Edinburgh community and assist in breaking down barriers for state-educated and particularly disadvantaged students in applying and getting into university. We are building a social community for state-educated students at Edinburgh, that includes social events and collaborations with students from all educational backgrounds to foster inclusivity. We are also a platform for state-educated students to share experiences, opinions, concerns and useful social and educational resources that challenge and recognise the politics that hinder social mobility both within and outside of the university. We practice intersectionality and understand that one’s experience of class and educational backgrounds can be heavily affected by the likes of race, ethnicity, gender, ability, and sexuality. 

Our events, such as panel discussions and workshops, will be as accessible as possible, and open to students who may be excluded from the ‘UK state-educated’ umbrella but face other barriers.


BAME Officer
Yashil Gopee
Disability Officer
Eoin Burgin
Outreach Officer
Amber Horrobin
Grace Johnston
Jorja Brady
Lucie Greaves
Professional Development Officer
Ethan Purdie
Sheela Steele
Research Officer
Maya Booton
Lucy Haslam
Joseph Robinson
Levi Mitchell
Social Secretary
Annabel Wilde
Llion Wright-Evans
Sponsorship Officer
Ailie Ross-Oliver
Niamh Townsend
Sam Graham
Welfare Officer
Isi Williams