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The purpose of this society is to create a place for people who have an interest in politics and current affairs but don’t feel their views can be represented by the establishment or the mainstream media. This society is a place for anyone who believes in free speech and would like an open space to share their counterculture opinions without censorship or judgement. We aim to approach current affairs in an informal and approachable setting to allow those beginning to take interest to have the confidence to learn more and have their say.


Counterculture society meets every Wednesday. The meetings alternate between a social event, and a discussion of a socio-political topics alongside a themed activity. We are a newly founded society and are looking forward to building a good community on campus, so please feel free to try an event! 

Please visit our facebook page to see all of our latest events, including how to join our virtual freshers events!

Hanna Johal
Jonathan Gamble
Sambavi Ehamparam