China Futures Society

We are one of the UK's only student-bodies dedicated to promoting an understanding of Chinese current affairs, economics and politics.


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The China Futures Society aims to bring students interested in Chinese current affairs, academics, language and careers to provide a network of opportunities. 


What do we do? 


Our montly roundtable discussions: 

  • opics ranging from politics to economics and current affairs. We carefully select a broad range of speakers from a multitude of backgrounds to provide an opportunity to share ideas and discussion. Previous speakers have included the British ambassador to China, Barbara Woodward, George Magnus (former UBS Chief Economist) and Isabel Hilton (Editor-in-Chief of

Link to our monthly lecture events


Work or study in China in 2021

  • In addition, we have opportunities for students to study and work in China for the summer of 2021 or carry out paid tutoring work with our partner organisations. Excitingly, exclusively for CFS members, these opportunities are heavily discounted so that finance is no barrier to travel. 


Join our monthly Social Events

  • We run monthly socials for all our members to meet up. In non-COVID times these would have usually been discounted drinks at the pub followed by a night out but in complying with government advice we will be holding all of these socials online until the advice changes. However, that does not mean the fun stops, nor do you stop meeting new people. Follow our social media channels for our an update on our latest socials. 


Join our Sport Teams

  • Join our 5 a side football team which is coached and led by Sam O'Connor. Players train once a week and play games once a week. Email Sam about joining: S.P.O'
  • Join our intermural netball team. Sign up.


Partake in our Academic Summits

  • We host a series of Academic Summits where we bring our partnered schools and undergraduate students together to discuss why study Chinese and why Edinburgh University. 


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Head of Academic
Alex Wallsgrove
Head of External Relations
Rufus Lee-Browne
Head of Social Engagement
Sam O'Connor
Freya Sheldon
Bertie Lyhne-Gold
Publicity Secretary
Katja Longbon
Laura Swaim
Sponsorship Secretary
Anastazja Domek
Annabelle Sanders
Vice President
Jonty Park