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    30 Jan 2020

    Our most recent Risk Assessment for 2019/2020.

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EULMS is a newly established society focusing on the ‘up-and-coming’ field of lifestyle medicine. Educating people about the importance of lifestyle in physical and mental health is at the heart of our ethos. Ever since starting the society, we have run educational and practical events focusing on physical activity, nutrition, sleep and stress management.


While a growing proportion of the general population recognises that leading a healthy lifestyle is of paramount importance to health, physical activity trends show that a considerable portion of the population are not meeting recommended exercise guidance. Stressful work lives and socio-economic deprivation are just two examples in a plethora of barriers that people face in becoming more physically active. It has never been of greater importance to increase understanding of the role that lifestyle measures take in the improvement of physical and mental health.


In February 2019, we held a talk with Dr Rob Lawson (GP and founder of the British Society of Lifestyle Medicine) and Dr Mike Diamond (GP and regional director of BSLM), which focused on the importance of lifestyle medicine in the prevention and management of non-communicable disease. In April 2019, the stress and boredom of lockdown was getting to all of us, so we held a free online Yoga Nidra session in collaboration with Meadowlark Yoga.


While COVID-19 is restricting the ways in which we can deliver events, we are working hard to come up with innovative ways to keep the momentum we established last year. Current plans involve two online freshers events to introduce new students to the society (9th & 16th September 2020).


We are currently thinking of new ways to deliver potential exercise, yoga, and cooking classes (amongst others), so keep an eye out for any updates. In the meantime, follow us on our social media to stay updated with all things lifestyle medicine.

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