Bad Film Society


  • Bad Film Society Academic Year Student Membership£8.00
  • Bad Film Society Semester Two Student Membership£5.00
  • Bad Film Society Semester Two Non Student Membership£6.00

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Initially conceived as a bootleg rip-off to impersonate the existing film society and in no way affiliated or endorsed by it-much like the majority of content we will be screening. If you found Citizen Kane to be a “a little bit long” or Shawshank Redemption “slightly boring” then Edinburgh University’s Bad Film Society just could be the divine calling you’ve been waiting for. But don’t just take out word for it: come along every week for chemistry-less on-screen romance, unimaginably forced dialogue and more bootleg shark films than any other registered society. (Even the Lacrosse teams extensive collection of VHS tapes pales in comparison.)

Events are every Monday, see our Facebook events for details.

Foreign Ambassador
Claudia Comyn
Celina Gronningsaeter
Christoph Minixhofer
Bruce Morrison
Social Historian
Matthew Parkes
Social Secretary
Rory Martin
Bruce Morrison
Vice President
Angus Gentles