Justice for Palestine Society

If you are curious about the Palestinian cause and culture then this is the society for you! We're a welcoming society that's involved in all things Palestinian from educational talks to social events


  • Justice for Palestine Society Academic Year Non Student Membership£10.00
  • Justice for Palestine Society Academic Year Student Membership£5.00

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Our Aims: 

  1. To  create a platform dedicated to raising awareness and educating on the Palestinian struggle around campus. 
  2. To connect students interested in the cause together.  
  3. To create an environment that fosters discussion and free speech on the topic. 
  4. To stand in solidarity with the injustices of the Palestinian people.
  5. To share the heritage, culture,  and traditions of Palestine. 
  6. To connect with other activist groups that support Palestine around the United Kingdom. 



  1.  Discounted entry to Society events. 
  2.  Priority when buying tickets to events organized by the society. 
  3. The ability to vote and run for positions within the society. 
  4. The ability to suggest and plan activities and events regarding the society.
Co/Vice president
Ayah Annab
Ayah Annab
Yara Eid
Public Relations Officer
Kvitka Perehinets
Masa Nazzal
Social Media & Marketing Officer
Dario Pomar Azar
Salma El Aiba