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Welcome to the Friends of the Postcard Association!

The Friends of the Postcard Association (FOPA) aims to cultivate your love of post in the modern age.

The postcard brings a little pocket of joy to your letterbox. It is a true multi-media art form. Its images and writing can make you smile. It's stamps can be appreciated.

Join us and catalogue your university experiences in this special medium.

Send the association post from interesting places you have visited, in Edinburgh, in Scotland, in Europe, across the World.

Find us exciting images, send us unusual cards - train tickets are a favourite -, write lucid prose, or produce luscious works of art on the back, and provide us with a return address and we'll write back to you.

Come and get involved, from the luxury of your own writing desk afar or at one of the society meet-ups and events that will take place throughout the year. If you're lucky we may even be able to provide you with stamps and cards!


Send us a card: EUFOPA, C/O EUSA, 5/2 Bristo Square, Edinburgh, EH8 9AL.

Find us on facebook: