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Hey everyone! 

Being a newly-founded Society in EUSA, Translators' Society is dedicated to helping all students of Edinburgh University who are passionate about translation. In providing workshops and lectures, we hope to stress the importance of accurate interpretation and encourage everyone to embrace multilingualism. 

Our current goals include promoting the Society such that we are able to provide more opportunities for our members to volunteer specifically for tasks that require a translator/interpreter. The aim of this is to help our members grow their confidence and practical skills whilst demonstrating the value of their multilingual capabilities! 

Join us if you yourself are interested and passionate about translation! We are very happy to welcome new members :) 


Much love,

2017/18 ExCo

Asmita Sood
Projects Coordinator
Anna Zhigareva
Publicity Director
Zsofia Elek
Miyuki Tatsuma
Zsofia Elek
Vice President
Stephanie Jin