Israel Engagement Society

The Israel Engagement Society is for students at Edinburgh University interested in Israeli society and culture, and campaigns for a two-state solution.


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Who we are

We were formed in August 2015, aiming to promote cross-party discussion about the conflict, as well as providing a forum for understanding Israeli culture and talking about current affairs in the region. Our members come from across the political spectrum, and have a myriad of views on the State of Israel and the conflict. Many attend to find out more about it, and develop their own perspectives. Whatever you think, you’re welcome to attend.

We’re now a registered EUSA society, and are developing a beneficial programme of events for our members to enjoy. Our events are beginning to build up a following, with a regular attendance of just under 50 joining us for our socials, workshops and talks.

What we believe

We’re called the Israel Engagement Society (IES) because we always believe engaging with the conflict, as opposed to walking away from it, is preferable: as a result, our events will include speakers from both sides with a variety of views. We will always promote a two-state solution and emphasise peaceful reconciliation of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

We’re opposed to settlements, and view them as a blockade to proper peace talks. We do not condone violence, bigotry, or totalitarian attitudes as means of resolving the conflict.

For us, the role of universities in the UK can play is powerful. By bringing together some of the brightest minds to discuss the conflict, we can create dialogue on our campus, resolve tensions and find solutions.

As a secular society, we welcome everyone, regardless of their faith: many of our members are of no faith at all. The more people we reach and engage, the better, and we are committed to providing a safe space for discussion and debate at all of our meetings.

Who we work with

We’re building links with One Voice, a charity which works with Palestinian and Israeli officials and civilians to promote and work towards a two-state solution. We are also speaking with JSoc and the Union of Jewish Students (UJS), asking them for input on how we can make a difference on campus.