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As a Society, you'll need space to meet, put on events, practice your skills and socialise. Edinburgh University Students’ Association has rooms that Societies can use. 


Designated Room Bookers

For reasons of traceability, only the President, Secretary and Treasurer will have room booking privileges as default. If you have an Events Manager, or similar committee position, you can request room booking privileges for that person as part of the Re-registration form


About Students’ Association Rooms

View room specs and photos: Room Info Spreadsheet

Enquire between 9am - 5pm, Mon - Fri at

Teviot Reception | King’s Buildings House Reception | Potterrow Main Edinburgh University Students’ Association Reception


University Rooms

N.B. We only deal with bookings in Edinburgh University Students’ Association Venues. For rooms in the University, find out more here.


Block Booking

With over 280 Societies, our rooms are in extremely high demand. To be as fair as possible, all booking requests for each Semester are received in one go, then rooms allocated according to need. Block bookings for Semester One take place in April, and for Semester Two, in November.



Want to find out more about publicising your event? Check out our Marketing page.


Activities Fair      

The Activities Fair takes place over a couple of days in Welcome Week, and is an ideal chance to talk to new members and invite them to learn a little more about your Society. You will have a stall consisting of a table which you can decorate with posters, flyers etc. Bringing snacks or sweets is usually a great way to encourage people to stop by your table, grab some nibbles and ask a few questions! Be engaged and interactive at all times – sell your Society and passions and work together as a committee to take turns throughout the two days. 


Top Tips

Make sure your stall is bright and attractive. Have enough people so you can all take shifts. Bring your own water!  Have clearly displayed information about your Welcome Week event. Have plenty of signup sheets so people can add their names to your mailing list or even buy memberships and make sure you have spare change if you’re selling membership on the spot. Get to know the Societies around you – you might be able to collaborate to raise both your profiles.


Money and Memberships

Any membership money taken at the Fair can be deposited, via the pop-up cash office, straight into your Edinburgh University Students’ Association Societies Account. At the same time, you would provide reception staff with a list of new members that matches the amount deposited. These new members are added to your members’ database that you can then access via your Society profile on the Edinburgh University Students’ Association website. You can then use this to send emails to your members; sell products and tickets to events; and more.


Booking a stall

Booking a stall is done through the Re-registration form, and requires £10 to cover costs. As part of the form, you authorise Edinburgh University Students’ Association to withdraw this from your Edinburgh University Students’ Association Societies Account. 

If you have not booked a stall, you will be turned away – it’s not fair on Societies who have paid to be there, and who booked their stalls months before otherwise.


Screening License




I want to screen a movie, what do I need?

You require a film license, a venue and the DVD. Please ensure that your DVD is a region two copy.


Why do I require a film license?

It is illegal to screen a film to an audience (regardless of whether they are paying or not) without a screening license. You can be reported to the distributing company, who will take legal action against you and/or your Society.


What if I am screening a film for academic purposes?

Unless your screening is followed by an academic discussion, led by a professional in your chosen field, in line with an official curriculum, you are not exempt from paying a film license. Academic screenings will still require acquiring a license, but you do not need to pay for it.


How do I acquire a film license?

Firstly, you must find out which company or studio distributes the license for your film. You can do this by searching the BBFC (British Board of Film Classification Website). You will then have to contact the studio either directly or through the Filmbank in order to request a Single Title Screening License.

They will require details regarding your venue capacity, date and whether or not you intend to charge an entry fee. You will need to pay for a license even if you do not charge the fee.

Contact our Entertainment Office in Teviot for further guidance.


How much do I have to pay for a film license?

Licenses can cost from £96 to £120 each. The Filmbank allows for you or your Society to pay an invoice after the screening, but certain studios will require their payment beforehand.


How do I book a venue?

During the semester, you can go to the Teviot box office, preferably before 5pm. However, if you are pre-planning an event for next semester, you can attend the Societies’ one-off booking day. Inform them that you intend to screen a film. You may be asked about your film license.


What are the best venues for film screenings?

The best rooms to go for are in Teviot: The Study (capacity: 100), The Dining Room (capacity: 70), The Balcony Room (capacity: 30) and even The Debating Hall (capacity: a lot!).

Appleton Tower theatres are also available for screenings. For rooms in the University, find out more here.


Will we need to bring our own equipment?

The Study comes equipped with a projector, screen and DVD player although you will still technically have to book these. For other venues, you will have to separately book a Students’ Association projector, screen, DVD player and speakers.


How do we project the film?

Edinburgh University Students’ Association should be able to set up the equipment for your screening. If you do not frequently screen films, it is advisable to contact ENTs (technical staff) for technical assistance and to help project the film.

Alternatively, you could try contacting the EUFS to run your screening. They will require a two-week notice before the event and may charge a small commission.


Do you have any other tips?

It is recommended that you do charge for your screenings in order to make up for the cost of the film license. For example, the EUFS charge a ticket price of £2.50.

Whether or not your Society are running the screening, it is important that your committee does show up for the event.