Society re-registration has now closed for this academic year. This process will open again in February 2020. 


Step (1) Download the financial report: as part of your Annual Report, you need to report on your Society's Financial Activity throughout the year. Once completed, save it as "[Your Society Name]_Financial Report” and upload it to your Annual Report submission


Step (2) Complete the Annual report: you can download a sample annual report submission here. The submission portal below allows you to save your progress and complete it at a later date.


Step (3) AGM and re-registration: Once you have submitted your financial and annual report, you’ll need to hold an AGM to elect the new committee. To find out how to hold an AGM, watch this video. 


Step (4) Handover Checklist: Handovers are crucial to the success of your society. This year, we have compiled a checklist of all the topics that you need to cover to successfully compete the handover. 


Step (5) Office bearer training: Don’t forget to remind newly elected office bearer to complete the training.