Annual Report Resources


Financial Report Template 

The financial report template used in Society annual reports can be found here.



Office Bearer Resources


Constitution Guidance 

You can find guidance for constitutions here.


Constitution Template 

The constitution template for all societies can be found here


Office Bearer Key Deadlines 2019-20 New!

Download a list of all the key deadlines for the academic year 2019-20 here.


Office Bearer Training Opportunities 2019-20 New!

Sign up here for personal and professional development opportunities and skills workshops!



Society Trip List 

These documents provides a template for societies going on trips. One form asks for all the information you should collect when organising a society trip and the other should be carried with you throughout the trip. This information is sensitive so should be kept somewhere safe and not accessed by anyone who doesn't need this info. 


This form should be completed by people going on the trip.

This form should be compiled by the trip organiser and taken on the trip.


How To: Record Members at the Activities Fair 

This is a template for societies to use to take note of members at the Activities Fair. Download it here


How To: Uploading Members to Society Profiles 

This guide explains how you can upload your members to your society profile. Remember this is mandatory for all societies! Download it here.


Example Agenda 

This template can be used to help compile your agenda for society committee meetings. Download it here.


Example Minutes 

This template can be used to help compile the minutes from society committee meetings. Download it here.


Office Bearer Handbook 2019-20  New!

The Officer Bearer Handbook is now available to download here


Risk Assessments New Template!

The Risk Assessment template can be found here.


Risk Assessment Handbook New!

The handbook to help you compile your risk assessment can be found here.


Society Profile Training

Guidance on how to edit your Society Profile can be found here.



Volunteering Societies Resources


Project Evaluation Form

The Project Evaluation Form should be completed for each of your activities / projects. Don't leave it until the end of the year to complete your project evaluations and report these to the Volunteering Service using the online form, as these are part of your annual report!


 - The Project Evaluation Form can be downloaded here.

 - Report your Project Evaluation to the Volunteering Service using this online form.


Project Feedback Form

Don't forget to collect anecdotal feedback feedback from volunteers, partner organisations and recipients when completing your activities / projects! You are required to submit at least one piece of feedback by the end of the year as part of your annual report.


 - The Project Feedback Form can be downloaded here.

 - An alternative Project Feedback Form which can be ripped to indicate answers can be downloaded here.

 - Report your Project Feedback to the Volunteering Service using this online form.