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  • A Cappella

    Edinburgh University's first and only a cappella society.

  • Aberdeen FC Supporters Club
  • Africa Society
  • African Caribbean Society

    Welcome to the University of Edinburgh African - Caribbean Society 2017/2018! Join us as we celebrate and bring more attention to African and Caribbean culture!

  • African Dance Society

    Welcome to the University of Edinburgh African Dance Society! For more details go to our website


    AIESEC's the world's largest student organisation. We aim to discover every student's leadership potential by equipping you with strong transferable skills, and by facilitating international exchange.

  • Air Squadron Society
  • Amnesty International Society

    We are part of a worldwide movement of ordinary people standing up for human rights through campaigning, lobbying, protesting and fundraising. We meet on Tuesdays at 7 pm upstairs in the Chaplaincy.

  • An Comann Ceilteach

    An Comann Ceilteach is the University's oldest society, open to Gaelic speakers and non-teuchters alike. Come join the fun!

  • Anarchist Society

    The Anarchist Society exists to promote and further the principles of liberty, equality and respect. We believe in non-hierarchical organisation and run things by consensus.

  • Anime and Animation Society

    Dedicated to sharing Japanese animation - anime - with students of the university, we provide weekly showings suitable for both complete newcomers as well as veterans of the hobby.

  • Arabic Bellydancing Society

    The Society promotes bellydance by offering a range of classes and workshops for the best prices in Edinburgh. Classes are taught by professional bellydancer Moyra Banks. We also perform at events!

  • Archaeology Society

    Fortune and Glory! ArchSoc is the Edinburgh University Archaeology Society, run by students, for anyone who is interested in archaeology.

  • Architecture Society

    EUSAS - The Edinburgh University Student Architecture Society

  • Armenian Society
  • Art in the Community Edinburgh

    Bringing art workshops to healthcare and the community

  • Art Soc

    ArtSoc is a friendly community of creative people, a society for everyone interested in art. With various weekly events covering practical art and art appreciation, there's something for all abilities

  • Arts & Heritage

    Celebrating Scotland's unique arts and heritage

  • Astrobiology Society
  • Australian Society

    Exactly what it says on the tin, mate.

  • Bahá'i Society

    Open to all! We meet in the Chaplaincy at 7pm on Wednesdays for discussions, service projects, games, music, potlucks, films, devotionals and socials.

  • Baking Society

    The home of Edinburgh University's baking enthusiasts.

  • Ballroom Dancing Society

    The Ballroom Dancing society offers professional ballroom and latin tuition and compete in competitions across the UK. No partner required. Come along and give it a go!

  • Beer and Brewing Society
  • Best Buddies Edinburgh

    Social club for adults with learning disabilities

  • Bhangra Crew

    Edinburgh University Bhangra team

  • Biochemistry Society
  • Biomedical Society

    EUBMS provides a peer support network for students on biomedical sciences courses, holding course-specific study, skill-development and career advice sessions, as well as regular socials all year!

  • BioSoc
  • BLOGS - LGBT+ Society

    Visit or find us on Facebook to find out about events!

  • Blood, Bone Marrow and Transplant Society
  • Bollocks to Poverty Edinburgh
  • Brass Band

    Edinburgh University Brass Band

  • Breakdance Society
  • Bridge Club

    Edinburgh University Bridge Club welcomes everyone wanting to learn this wonderful card game, as well as those wanting to polish their skills and improve.

  • Bright Futures
  • Bruneian Society
  • Buchanan Institute
  • Buddhist Society

    Welcome to EU BuddSoc, the society for all things Buddhist related! For all those with an interest in Buddhism, from mild curiosity to seasoned Zen masters.

  • Bulgarian Society
  • Business Society

    BizSoc aims to enhance the university experience of students, particularly those with an interest in business. We host careers, social, international and sporting events throughout the year.

  • Capoeira Society

    Capoeira is a Brazilian martial art rich in culture, which combines kicks and acrobatic movements to music and song to form a playful game.

  • Catholic Students' Union

    A lively community based upon sharing faith and friendship – often over a bottle of wine or a cup of tea!

  • Celtic Supporters Club

    We are proud, well okay, fairly pleased, to have served the Celtic supporters of the universities of Edinburgh, and non-university members alike, for over 26 years.

  • Chamber Choir

    Edinburgh University Chamber Choir is a small auditioned classical choir, singing music from the Renaissance to the present day, with a focus on a cappella music.

  • Chamber Orchestra
  • Chemical Engineering Society
  • Chemistry Society

    The one-stop shop for everything Chemistry at Edinburgh.

  • Chess Society

    Edinburgh University Chess Society

  • Children's Holiday Venture

    Fun evening, day and weekend activities for local children from disadvantaged areas around Edinburgh, organised and run by students and offered at no cost to children or their families!

  • Chilean Society

    The Society seeks to promote the collaboration and involvement of Chilean students at the University of Edinburgh with professors and entities from that University, interested in the Chilean reality.

  • ChillOut Society

    ChillSoc is a vibrant community of friendly, chilled out people who enjoy massage, conversation, laughter, music and food.

  • Chinese Students and Scholars Association

    Edinburgh University Chinese Students and Scholars Association (EUCSSA) is a non-political, non-religious and non-profit organization.

  • Chinese Students' Assocation

    Edinburgh University Chinese Student Association (EUSCA) is a society run by students for those who are currently studying in the city of Edinburgh. It is a non-profit organization which tries to rais

  • Chocolate Society
  • Christian Union

    EUCU is an open community of Christians which exists to support, encourage and explore what the good news of Jesus means as we go through university together, living for and speaking about Jesus.

  • Civil Engineering Society

    Providing social and academic events to civil engineering students at Edinburgh University.

  • Clarinet Choir

    Edinburgh University Clarinet Choir is a unique society for any clarinet players interested in playing together in a non-auditioned smaller, clarinet-focused group.

  • Classics Society

    Edinburgh University Classics Society - home of togas, classical drama and drinking like a god. Open to all with an interest in Ancient History regardless of degree.

  • Cocktail Society
  • Cognitive Science Society
  • Columnist Magazine

    The Columnist is a student-run current affairs, social commentary and culture opinion magazine based in Edinburgh.

  • Community (BEES)
  • Composers' Orchestra

    A student-run orchestra dedicated to rehearsing and performing the works of students at the university. We welcome players and composers alike.

  • CompSoc

    CompSoc is the university's tech society, covering every field of Informatics and technology: programming, web development, networking, cyber security, robotics, and everything else you can think of!

  • Conservative & Unionist Association

    EUCUA was founded in 1862 to promote conservative political philosophy on campus and in the surrounding area, and has a distinguished alumni including many high profile political figures.

  • Create Soc

    CreateSoc is a creative community aimed to provide the space, inspiration and supplies to write or make something new each week.

  • Crumble Press
  • Dance Music Society

    The Dance Music Society explores the best of Edinburgh's club scene and provides the opportunity for DJs to perform in the city's most popular clubs.

  • Danns-Ed (formerly EdiDance)

    EdiDance is a both Student Society and a professional level dance company, involved in the creation of live performance, but also in offering high-quality dance classes to all UofE students

  • Debates Union

    We are the second oldest society at the University of Edinburgh and for the last 126 years the Union has functioned as the student’s centre for social and political dialogue.

  • Dermatology Society
  • Diagnostic Society

    We are the University of Edinburgh's oldest society, for 231 years we have been the centre of free thought and discussion in the Scottish capital.

  • Dick Vet Musicians

    A non-auditioning choir and orchestra composed of students and Staff from the RDSVS. New members are welcomed regardless of skill level so come and share our love of music!

  • Dignity in Dying Society
  • Dirty Weekenders

    Weekly environmental conservation work

  • Doctor Who Society

    Geeks and Whovians

  • Drumming Society

    We play African drums: djembes, duns and loads of percussion. Sessions are twice weekly and concentrate on having fun and playing some African rhythms! No experience necessary. Get yourself along!

  • Duke of Edinburgh Award
  • Dutch Society
  • EAOP (Edinburgh Archaeology Outreach Project)

    Bringing archaeology to the wider community

  • Easter Bush Academic Society
  • Economics for Change
  • Economics Society

    The Economics Society aims to provide Academic, Career, Social and real Research experiences. We are one of the largest student run organisations in Scotland, with members from 115 different degrees.

  • Edinburgh Entrepreneurs

    Entrepreneurship is about creating and seizing opportunities, accepting challenges. It’s about passion and innovation. We aim to find, inspire and connect future entrepreneurial leaders.

  • Edinburgh Global Partnerships

    Edinburgh Global Partnerships (EGP) is a student-run charity that supports community-lead development projects overseas.

  • Edinburgh Movie Production Society

    We make movies! Our society spends the year creating films, learning about film production and generally having a good time. We are also happy to help other societies with film queries.

  • Edinburgh Revue (Comedy Society)

    The Edinburgh Revue is a comedy society dedicated to the writing and performing of sketches and stand-up. We put on several shows through the year culminating in a run at the Edinburgh Fringe.

  • Edinburgh University Women in Business Society

    Join us and be part of a network of empowered students who wish to grow professionally, discover their unique career path and learn from inspiring female leaders.

  • EdIntelligence
  • Embedded and Robotics Society

    A society for education in the fields of embedded development and robotics. We host talks, workshops and hackathons and aim to make all of our events free and accessible for everyone.

  • Emergency Medicine Society

    EUEMS is a student led society dedicated to the art of preventing and handling the unforeseen illness

  • Endocrinology Society
  • Engineering for Change

    Putting the power in your hands to change the world for the better. Using STEM to develop solutions to sustainability and humanitarian development issues through local and international projects.

  • Engineering Innovation Society
  • Engineering Society
  • E-scape
  • Estonian Society

    Edinburgh Estonian Society is a society for everyone who is interested in our country and its enriching culture.

  • European Union Society

    The European Union Society is the society about Europe and the EU. We hold academic and social events for everyone interested in the EU, Europe, its states and peoples.

  • eXchange 360

    Exchange 360 is the society for our international community. If you're here on exchange, studied abroad in the past or want to in the future, we support you and help make the most of your time here!

  • Exmoor Pony Trekking Society

    Come riding in the Pentlands on our cheeky ponies! Any level of rider can join us on treks in Edinburgh's beautiful countryside or join our Trek Leader Course and help look after the ponies yourself

  • FAQ: Card and Board Games Society

    The society for fans of both Card and Board games. Come along and enjoy games with us!

  • Female Voice Choir
  • Feminist Society

    FemSoc are a group of people interested in discussing feminist issues and campaigning for the liberation of self-defining women and non-binary people.

  • FilmSoc
  • First Aid Africa

  • FLO (Foreign Language Outreach)

    Teaching children French and Spanish

  • Folk Society
  • Footlights

    Footlights — the University's biggest musical theatre society

  • Formula Student
  • French Society
  • Fresh Air

    FreshAir is Edinburgh's Student Radio Station. Broadcasting 24 hours a day, we offer the opportunity to do shows Live on Air, learn to DJ, join our News, Arts and Music teams...

  • Friends of Nightline
  • Game Development Society

    Game Development Society is for anyone interested in making games and meeting like-minded people, beginners and hobbyists alike.

  • Game Soc (Gamesoc)

    Gamesoc is Edinburgh Uni's only society dedicated to video gaming We host a variety of events throughout the year including LANs, pub nights, tournaments, paintballing and laser quest!

  • GEAS (Grand Edinburgh Adventuring Society)

    Edinburgh University's Roleplaying association.

  • Geographical Society

    Welcome to GeogSoc! Our aim is to enhance the Geographical Community of Edinburgh University by strengthening friendships between Geography-minded students.

  • Geological Society

    Geolsoc is a fantastic opportunity to network with other students within the Geoscience community at Edinburgh. Hosting regular socials throughout the year, lectures and a weekend residential tri

  • German Society
  • Gin Society
  • Girl Up Edinburgh
  • Global Health Society

    The Edinburgh University Global Health Society aims to inspire and educate individuals, groups, organisations and communities about global health issues.

  • Global Kitchen Society

    Global Kitchen Society provides a platform for students to learn to cook and taste foods from all over the world. It is also a great chance to create connections with people from various countries!

  • Goth and Rock Society (EdG&R)

    Here at Edgar, we are first and foremost a music appreciation society. We strive to put on club nights, gigs and trips to see gigs that cover certain genres such as metal, punk, rock and goth.

  • GP Society

    The Edinburgh GP Society is an organisation that meets up several times a semester for socials and events. Everyone is welcome to join, whether you're just curious or want to be a GP.

  • Graduate Law Society

    The Graduate Law Society is for students studying on the 2-year Accelerated programs for graduates or Postgraduate programs (such as LLMs). We provide support for our member and organise activities.

  • Guild of Change Ringers
  • Harry Potter Society
  • Hellenic Society

    A society open to anyone that would like to come to Greek cultural events and meet new people!

  • Hindu Society

    Edinburgh Hindu Societies brings to together students and the wider community in celebrating the Hindu festivals from across India, including Diwali, Holi, Makarsankrati, Navratri.

  • Hip Hop Society

    Whether you want to attend hip hop music nights or simply share your love of hip hop, this is the place for you!

  • History of Art Society

    EUHAS provides support to those interested in History of Art. We run events including socials, our annual ball, gallery trips, and careers events. See our website for more details!

  • History Society
  • Hong Kong International Society

    EUHKIS is open for everyone, especially for those who are interested in Asia. We represent he Hong Kong community, aiming to provide members a friendly environment and deliver the best to all members.

  • Hong Kong PASS Society
  • Humanist Society

    The University of Edinburgh Humanist Society is a freethinking, progressive community based on Humanist values of reason and compassion, without any supernatural belief.

  • Hungarian Society

    HYPED is developing Elon Musk's Hyperloop transport. We work on technical (SpaceX Finalists) and commercial (Hyperloop One Winners) competitions to bring Elon Musk's concept to the UK.

  • Immunology and Infectious Diseases Society (SIID)
  • Indonesian Society
  • International Development (EUID)

    Edinburgh University International Development Society (EUID) is a student-led society that promotes discussion and debate centered on topics of international development.

  • InterSci

    Welcome to our site! At InterSci, we believe scientific innovation comes from interdisciplinary work.

  • Irish Society

    Top of the morning to ya! We are the University of Edinburgh Irish Soc, the society with the best craic in Edinburgh!

  • Islamic Society

    At the Islamic Society (ISocEd), we aim to provide a space to meet and gather for all who are interested in Islam. We invite students from all backgrounds to our events, so join us to stay up to date!

  • Israel Engagement Society

    The Israel Engagement Society is for students at Edinburgh University interested in Israeli society and culture, and campaigns for a two-state solution.

  • Italian Society

    We organise film screenings, wine tastings, socials at Italian restaurants and numerous cultural activities. Come along whether you are studying Italian, speak the language or just really like Italy!

  • Japan Society

    Here we invite anyone from Japan, or who is interested in Japanese culture. We organise events to teach Edinburgh the Japanese way of culture and tradition.

  • Jazz Orchestra

    Edinburgh University Jazz Orchestra! The University's Official Big Band, and one of the finest in Edinburgh.

  • Jewish Society

    Edinburgh Jewish Society is a friendly, welcoming, pluralist society that caters to students from all backgrounds. We hold weekly bagel lunches and regular friday night dinners and other social events

  • Juggling Society
  • Kazakhstan Society


  • Knit Soc
  • Korean Society

    The Edinburgh Korean Students Society(EKSS)

  • Krishna Consciousness Society
  • Kurdish Society
  • Labour Students

    Affiliated to the Labour Party and national Labour Students, Edinburgh Labour Students are active campaigners on campus and in communities.

  • LangSoc

    We are a society for the appreciation, study and conversation of language science. We provide a forum for linguistics that extends beyond the classroom to provide support, friendship, and community.

  • Late Antique and Medieval Postgraduates Society (LAMPS)

    LAMPS (The Late Antique and Medieval Postgraduate Society) was founded by students who wished to create a cross-disciplinary medievalist forum in Edinburgh.

  • Latin American Society

    The LatAmSoc is your point of contact at Edinburgh Uni with the stunning Latin America! It doesn't matter your nationality, we wish to offer a Latin American experience for everyone.

  • Law School Music Society
  • League of Legends Society

    LoLsoc. University of Edinburgh's League of Legends society.

  • Les Escogriffes: French Theatre Society

    Les Escogriffes is the Edinburgh University French Theatre Society, the society which aims to offer high-quality French theatre with an emphasis on fun!

  • Liberal Democrats

    Liberal Democrat Youth branch at Edinburgh. We exist to promote liberal ideas and values in local and student politics. Membership is free & open to all & you don't need to be a party member

  • Life Society

    Edinburgh University Life Society exists to promote and encourage pro-life initiatives and ideals throughout Edinburgh University with talks, debates and discussions.

  • Literature Society

    A society for people who love literature!

  • Lithuanian Society
  • Low Carbon Society

    Working together for a low carbon future

  • Make Up and Special Effects Society

    The University of Edinburgh Make-Up and Special Effects Society is the only society of its kind, bringing you events ranging from make-up masterclasses to gory SFX, and of course fabulous socials!

  • Malaysian Students' Association
  • Mandarin Language

    Teaching Mandarin to children

  • Marketing Society

    The University of Edinburgh Marketing Society (MARKS) is an interest organisation for everyone keen on learning more about the world of marketing.

  • Marxist Society
  • Mary's Meals Edinburgh
  • MathSoc

    The official eusa page for the University of Edinburgh MathSoc. Like us on Facebook for news updates & events or follow us on Twitter @EdinMathSoc

  • Mechanical Engineering Society (EUME)

    Mechanical Engineering Society

  • MedAID for International Need Society

    MedAID is a charity which collects unused medical equipment from hospitals across the Edinburgh area, and transports and distributes them to resource-limited settings in developing countries.

  • Medecins sans frontieres (Friends of)

    Edinburgh Friends of MSF supports the humanitarian organisation MSF by fundraising, raising awareness of its work and encouraging future work for MSF. It's open to any student!

  • Medical Aid International Society (MAIS)
  • Medical Ethics and Humanities Society
  • Medieval Society

    At the Medieval Re-enactment Society we recreate all aspects of life from 600 to 1600AD. From feasts to calligraphy and even to medieval combat skills we cover it all on a regular basis.

  • Medsin Edinburgh

    A student network tackling global and local health inequalities through education, advocacy and community action. MedAccess campaigns to bring medical access issues to the fore at the university.

  • MedTech

    Innovation, Technology, Business and Entrepreneurship in Medicine and Biological Sciences

  • Mental Health and Wellbeing
  • Mexican Society UoE
  • Middle Eastern Society

    Edinburgh University Middle Eastern Society (EUMES) holds social/cultural events and our campus-wide popular annual charity ball.

  • Model United Nations
  • Modern Dance Society

    Complete beginner or advanced dancer - WE WANT YOU! Choose from 6 styles of dance professionally taught, incredible competitions, spectacular shows and socials galore - shuffle over and join EUMDS!

  • Murder Mystery Society

    Explore a web of lies as you try to achieve your goals and keep your secrets safe. But be warned, our mysteries are not your classic whodunits and you might just end up as a victim yourself...

  • Music Outreach

    Hi, we're Edinburgh Music Outreach Society! We organise trips into the community for student musicians to bring their wonderful talents to patients in hospitals and care-homes all over Edinburgh.

  • Music Society

    Founded in 1867, the Edinburgh University Music Society (EUMS) is a major music society of the United Kingdom, as well as one of the largest non-sporting societies in Scotland.

  • Musical Medics
  • Neurological Society

    The EUNS is a student-led organisation that provides opportunities to both science and medical students at the University of Edinburgh.

  • New College Society
  • New Scotland Country Dance

    The New Scotland Country Dance Society works to promote Scottish culture through dancing throughout the university campus and organises dance classes for all levels.

  • Nightline

    Nightline is a student run support and information service that is open from 8pm till 8am every night of term. Training is twice a year, so if you're interested in volunteering with us get in contact.

  • Nomad Magazine

    We are an independent student-run magazine. We run weekly workshops to support young writers and publish an annual issue with political, cultural, creative, and travel sections.

  • North American Society
  • Northern Society
  • Nursing Society
  • Officers' Training Corps

    CEUOTC delivers military training and leadership development to students by students. Albeit in a section attack or climbing a rock face, you will find your limit and impress yourself by exceeding it.

  • Oncology Society
  • One Health

    A collaboration of veterinary, medicine, and biology students, aiming to increase awareness and understanding of the one health concept, through lectures, seminars and debates.

  • Ophthalmology Society

    Providing students an opportunity to explore ophthalmology further.

  • Orthodox Students Society
  • Paediatrics Society
  • Pakistan Society

    We endeavor to exemplify the richness that Pakistani culture has to offer and unite students from diverse backgrounds. So, whether you are Pakistani or not, join us for various spectacular events!!

  • Pathology Society
  • Pathways for Peace
  • Patient Outreach Project

    Interacting with elderly patients

  • People & Planet

    People & Planet Edinburgh is part of the UK's largest student activist network, taking action both on and off campus in our campaigns for social, economic and environmental justice.

  • Persian Society
  • Philosophy Society
  • Photography Society

    Photosoc welcomes students and non-students, digital and film lovers, complete beginners and keen amateurs.

  • Physics and Astronomy Society

    A society for anyone interested in physics!

  • Piping and Drumming Society

    Are you interested in piping and drumming? If yes, come along to EUPDsoc! We provide practice space for players to use and get together to play at events throughout the year. Non-players welcome too!

  • Poker Society

    Come and join other like-minded students for a friendly game of Poker every Friday at Teviot Union. Regardless of your experience we can help you improve your poker, chill out and have fun cheaply.

  • Pole Dancing Society

    Get fit, strong and flexible, while having fun! Pole dancing is a great way to achieve this! We offer classes for all abilities, for more information visit

  • Polish Society
  • Political Union

    Edinburgh Political Union is a society about politics and international relations. We're an academic community, alumni network and a speaker's bureau.

  • Postgrad Society

    Come along to meet other postgrads in the Edinburgh community!!! PLEASE JOIN ON FACEBOOK GROUP TO GET ALL THE DETAILS - NO MEMBERSHIP FEE, JUST COME ALONG.

  • Programming Society

    Open society for those who want to start learning how to code or those who already possess basic coding skills, who would like to meet other coders and develop their skills in a social environment.

  • Project Mongolia

    Ever wanted to work with disadvantaged kids on a social development project? How about visiting the Gobi desert or the Mongolian steppe? Or just be part of an active society? Then PM is for you!

  • Psychedelics Society

    EUPS hosts guest lecturers who are researchers, psychiatrists, and advocates of psychedelic science, who are determined to make the most of these substances' potential and end the age-old stigmas.

  • Psychology Society

    Edinburgh University Psychology Society: for Psychology and non-Psychology students alike! Come along to our social events and academic talks for a chance to get to know other Psychology enthusiasts.

  • PublishED

    Edinburgh University's creative writing and publishing society; creators of the Literary magazine 'The Inkwell', which is showcasing prose, poetry and drama by Edinburgh students.

  • Quaker Society

    A small group of people interested in Quaker values; peace, truth, simplicity and equality. Everyone is welcome to come along and find out more; we organize trips to Quaker meeting and dinners etc.

  • Quiz Society

    QuizSoc is a society devoted to game show style buzzer quizzing, providing training for Edinburgh's prospective University Challenge contestants. We also host regular informal socials and pub quizzes!

  • Reeling Club
  • Remote and Rural Medicine Society
  • Renaissance Singers

    A choir made up of students and staff of the university and other Edinburgh residents, devoted to performing renaissance choral music.

  • Retrospect

    Retrospect is the journal of the University of Edinburgh's History, Classics and Archaeology School. We publish throughout the year - online and in print - and have an excellent calendar of events too

  • Revelation Rock-Gospel Choir

    Welcome to EdRev. No auditions, lots of cake, run by the group for the group, we sing whatever the members want to sing!

  • Romanian Society

    For everyone interested in Romania, Romanian culture and language regardless of the country of origin or other affiliations.

  • Royal Naval Unit

    EURNU offers new experiences for students such as going to sea on our own ship, HMS ARCHER, developing military / navy leadership, playing sports and hosting socials and events in our own private bar.

  • Russian Society

    Edinburgh University Russian Society provides a social platform for Russian speaking students, residents and guests as well as for people interested in Russian language, culture or heritage.

  • Salsa Society

    The Salsa Society is a multicultural dance society that brings Latin warmth and energy to Edinburgh. Join our mailing list and Facebook GROUP to keep up to date with CLASSES and events!

  • Save the Children Society

    All children deserve the right to education, good health and to have fun - help us stand up for child rights by coming to our meetings on Mondays from 6-7pm in Chaplaincy Room 2!

  • Savoy Opera Group

    EUSOG uses the best of talent both on and off stage to put on three shows a year, from the Savoy Operas to classic and contemporary musicals in November, March and at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

  • Scandinavian Society

    Based on Scandinavian customs and traditions we organise loads of fun events throughout the year for anyone who wants to join! No connection to Scandinavia necessary.

  • Science and Religion Society
  • Science Fiction and Fantasy Society

    A society in which people can share their love for Science Fiction and Fantasy related TV-shows, movies and games. Our library, at the pleasance, is open to all members.

  • Science Journals Society
  • Sexpression

    Judgement-free sex and relationships education for the real world. We are your local branch of a nationwide organisation of students who offer inclusive, fact-based SRE workshops to secondary schools.

  • Shakespeare Company

    Founded in 2009, The EUSC is a society geared specifically towards performing Shakespeare's work. As well as a yearly show, we hold workshops to cover all aspects of adapting Shakespeare.

  • Sign Language Society
  • Singapore Students' Society

    Singapore Society - SingSoc, is 1) Home away from home for all Singaporeans. 2) A colourful, diversified group of Singaporeans, who have come together to introduce Singapore to the World.

  • Singers

    The Edinburgh University Singers are a small group of auditioned voices, singing a varied programme of music from across the centuries of choral repertoire under the directorship of Dr John Kitchen.

  • Slovak and Czech Society

    We aim to network students from Slovakia and Czech Republic and to promote Slovak and Czech culture by holding social events focused on local traditions, cuisine, sport, music and cinematography!

  • SNP Society

    Welcome to the homepage of the Edinburgh University Scottish Nationalist Association! Join us, and be a member of a society that is dedicated to ensuring a better future for Scotland.

  • Social Anthropology Society

    Do you love (or want to know about) anthropology? The Social Anthropology Society is here for you then; with lectures, meetups, two society led journals, socials, interesting articles and much more!

  • Social Policy Society

    As one of Edinburgh's newest societies, we pride ourselves on discussions on current welfare affairs in an inclusive and friendly atmosphere.

  • SocieTEA

    At the University of Edinburgh Tea Society, civilised gatherings are our speciality. Whether you're a tea connoisseur or just like a good cuppa, you're welcome to join us for a drink and casual chat.

  • Societies Council

    The Societies Council is a team of society representatives, elected from EUSA Societies, plus The Societies Staff Team. They work hard on projects to support our wonderful societies!

  • Society for Quantitative Research

    We are committed to getting social science students involved in quantitative research. For regular Q-Step lectures, undergrad focussed events, and careers advice watch this space.

  • Sociology Society

    Student? Staff? Harbouring a secret crush on Bourdieu? Join the UoE Sociology Society for a friendly and inspiring community of like-minded people.

  • South African Society

    The Society for South Africans and all who love this great nation. We bring together students from all over and host great events and an Annual Charity Ball.

  • South Asian Students Association

    Multicultural, International, South Asian

  • Spanish Society
  • Sport and Exercise Medicine Society

    ESEMS aims to educate students interested in Sport and Exercise Medicine, and provide opportunities for all students involved in the pursuit of sport with regard to health, fitness, and safety.

  • STAR (Student Action for Refugees)
  • String Orchestra

    Edinburgh University String Orchestra (EUSO) is an ensemble of around 25 string players, rehearsing every Wednesday with esteemed conductors to work towards concerts at the end of each semester.

  • Student Anatomy Society
  • Student Architecture Society
  • Student Christian Movement

    We are a group of Christian students passionate about living out our faith in the real world. We promote an inclusive, aware, radical and challenging faith that seeks justice in the world around us.

  • Student Enterprise Society

    Innovative Careers University of Edinburgh (iCue) is a careers society that strives to provide its members with real-world business experience and life skills to increase their future employability!

  • Student Newspaper

    The Student is Edinburgh Uni's student newspaper and it is also the UK's oldest. It is published weekly throughout the semester and is always looking enthusiastic new recruits.

  • Student Voice for Animal Rights
  • Studio Opera

    This Society aims to perform opera at the highest possible standard. For more information, please visit our website:

  • Surgical Society

    Founded in 2005, ESSS aims to provide extra opportunities for medical students considering a career in surgery.

  • Sustainable Development Association

    Welcome to EUSDA - the official academic society on campus for everyone interested in sustainable development!

  • Swahili Club

    Swahili club is a unique society offering a space for people to learn, practice and mantain the Swahili language. Whether you are a beginner, or totally fluent, there is something here for you!

  • Swing Dance Society

    If you're looking for a social hobby to get you moving to great music, or dream of learning to dance like in old movies, EUSDS is for you. Our lessons give you the moves to get you on the dance floor.

  • SynBio Society

    An interdiciplinary society for all interested in Synthetic Biology.

  • Tai Chi Society

    Our society offers classes in Chen family style Tai Chi. Tai Chi is suitable for people of all levels of fitness and ability and beginners are always welcome.

  • Taiwanese Student Society
  • Tango Society

    Think tango, think fake tans, hair gel, roses between teeth, right? Wrong! Tango has always been a social dance and is a fantastic way to meet people with a similar passion for music and movement.

  • Teddy Bear Hospital Edinburgh

    Teaching children about health and healthcare

  • TEDx
  • Television Society (EUTV)

    EUTV is Edinburgh University's Student Television Channel.

  • Thai Society
  • Theatre Company (Bedlam)

    Bedlam Theatre is home to the Edinburgh University Theatre Company, putting on around 40 shows a year, each selected, directed, acted, produced, tech'd and stage managed by our members. Join Us!

  • Theatre Paradok

    Theatre Paradok; home of alternative theatre at Edinburgh University.

  • Third Culture Society - UoE
  • Tolkien Society
  • Trading and Investment Club (EUTIC)

    EUTIC is Europe’s largest student-run investment fund, worth £52,000. We educate students on finance, giving opportunities to trade stocks and network with some of the world's most prestigious firms.

  • Transhumanist Society

    The brand-new Transhumanist Society (THSoc) holds regular (typically weekly) discussion groups and socials, covering any and all topics related to Transhumanism and the technology of the future.

  • Translators' Society

    Edinburgh's first Society dedicated to translation and interpretation. Join us today!

  • Trauma and Orthopaedics Society
  • Turf Club

    The University horse racing society that provides a meeting places for like minded individuals that are interested in Horse Racing. We have racedays 2/3 times a term and have socials every so often.

  • Turkish Society
  • UNICEF on Campus Society
  • Untapped Talent

    Untapped Talent is Edinburgh's band and live music society! Meet other musicians and music lovers, play or listen at one of our gigs or jam nights and use our practice space!

  • Vegetarian Society

    VegSoc fosters an open community to celebrate vegetarian and vegan cuisine from plant to plate! Whatever your dietary status, find new ideas, a warm environment, and the best food you’ll eat all week!

  • Vietnamese Society
  • Wargames Society
  • Water of Life Society

    The University of Edinburgh Water of Life Society is dedicated to enjoying whisky and having a good time. Please see our Facebook group for more details.

  • WaterAid-Edinburgh
  • Welsh Society- Cymdeithas Gymraeg Prifysgol Caeredin
  • West Coast Swing Dance Society
  • What? Where? When? Society

    Join a team of 6 working together to answer questions in an intellectual quiz and competing with teams from all over the world. Based on the TV show Chto? Gde? Kogda? which originated back in the USSR

  • Wilderness Medicine Society
  • Wind Band

    If you don't want your musical talents to go to waste, but don't fancy auditions either: come join us! We are a fun-loving, welcoming society who perform on tour, in concert and enjoy the odd pint!

  • Wine Society
  • Women in STEM

    Founded in 2016, Edinburgh University Women in STEM is a society dedicated towards networking, opportunities, and inspiration.

  • Yoga Society

    Welcome to the EUYS page! Here you will be able to find out about our classes, socials, how to get involved and any other relevant information. See you in class!

  • Young Greens
  • Young Scientific Researchers Association

    The "Edinburgh University Young Scientific Researchers Association" (EUYSRA) is an acting catalyst for undergraduate scientific innovation and research development.

  • Youth Stop Aids

    Part of a nationwide campaign, we campaign for universal access to HIV prevention, treatment, care and support worldwide, as well as working to increase awareness and tackle stigma and discrimination.

  • Yugo Society
  • Zoological Society

    A society for students and non-students of Edinburgh with a passion for animals. Join us for talks, zoo trips, days out, Attenborough nights and more!

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