Tandem Language Programme Committee


Tandem is run by a committee of University of Edinburgh students who work to organise and run language cafes and themed events that help students meet and engage in language exchange. The committee run the regular languages cafes and speed linguas, organises themed events, coordinates volunteers to help with the program, and maintains a facebook group that acts as a platform for people to find language exchange partners. In 2018-19, the Tandem Committee won a Student Award in the category Student Collaboration!


Get in touch by email: tandem@eusa.ed.ac.uk.



Tandem Committee 2019-20


Jessica Li




Hi everyone! I’m Jessica and I’m an international relations undergrad student. I really like the idea of exchanging languages in a relaxed and chilled atmosphere. I’m looking forward to seeing you all at our Language Cafés and Speed Linguas this year!












Alina Rouvinen
Communications Coordinator



Hello! I'm Alina, a linguistics undergraduate student. I'm fascinated by languages on a general level but I also think learning them is a very rewarding hobby. I look forward to the coming year and hope that together we can make Tandem better than ever!








Nathan Zou
Events Coordinator (KB)



I'm a second year student hailing from Louisville, Kentucky studying philosophy and math. I was born in China, and still speak it to a degree, and took lots of Spanish in high school. Love cooking, writing, and puzzles, and excited to meet all of you this year!











Cynthia Man
Events Coordinator




I am a third year Philosophy student from Hong Kong. I speak Cantonese, Mandarin, English and I am now studying Japanese! Cannot wait to meet everyone this year! 












Jack Barnes
Volunteer Coordinator




Toomas Hanso
Events Coordinator